Thursday, February 27, 2014



The LORD has answered our prayers.
Please, join me to sing this song now.

He's a miracle working God X 2
He is Alpha and Omega
He's a miracle working God.


Thank you everyone that prayed for sister I posted about this morning. She just joined Facebook today and sent me message that, the secret cult people in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, where she went for initiations from Cameroon rejected her, that she was not qualified.
Who can do this miracle except Jesus Christ alone.
LORD Jesus, may your name be praised forever. We are very grateful for this deliverance. Accept our worship in Jesus name. Amen.

Here is her message to me today. Praise the LORD Hallelujah!

1st Message.
Thanks  for your prayers. My name is (I hide the name). I was rejected at the Occultic cult group in Benin today. They told me that I'm not qualify as a member. I was to be a full member into the Cult tomorrow but they told me and 3 others today that I'm not qualified to join. We were kept in a secret room for 2 days but today they came and open the room and sent I and 3 others away and accepted just 2. I am in Enugu state now.

2nd Message.
I have contacted my church pastor in Cameroon and confessed and I'm willing to go and confess to the whole church. Please thanks for your prayers. They rejected me and did not give any money to any of us. I have sinned against God and against His church. Please pray that God should forgive me. I am not good enough to be call a child of God anymore.

3rd Message.
I am a sinner with an uncleaned lips. Oh may God have mercy on me.

4th Message.
I don't think God can ever accept me as his daughter again. Please pray for me. I'm sitting in one uncompleted building here in Enugu waiting for tomorrow to come so that I can return to Cameroon. I'm deeply sorry for all my sins. I acknowledged that I am a sinner. All I want from God is to forgive me.