Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Am In Pains And Very Sorrowful Right Now

I Am In Pains And Very Sorrowful Right Now

The conversation you are about to read here happened today Saturday, 22nd February, 2014, on BBM chat with one of my contacts. I am in pains right now because, my friend has deleted me and I don't have his PIN.

My friend deleted me just because of N50,000 which I was ready to sacrifice for him but he became impatient with me, as I was leading him through the paths of salvation with Jesus Christ. Oh LORD GOD, you are the one that show YOURSELF to this person earlier today. Please, locate him now wherever he is and save his soul in Jesus name. Amen.

The chat here is the part I copied before he deleted me. I am in pains because Jesus Christ actually revealed HIMSELF to this friend of mine today, to show you that Jesus was actually in this business.

Please, help me pray for my friend so that God will save his soul from hell fire.
It is well.


I will refer to him here as TIN. This is the first three letters of his BBM ID.
After reading, please, remember to pray for him. God bless you.

TIN: Re u a member f d illuminati?
Lugard Ekhator: Hi
TIN: Re u a member of the illuminati?
Lugard Ekhator: Please, may I know why you are asking
TIN: I want to join the illuminati
Lugard Ekhator: Okay
TIN: Re u a member?
Lugard Ekhator: Well, I am not a member of illuminati but I belong to a body that is far higher, far powerful, far richer than whatever you may have known about illuminati.
TIN: Which body is that.....tell me about t.....because I need money badly
Lugard Ekhator: I promise you, when you join this group I belong, you will not only control money but you will control situations with your declaration
TIN: Tell me about d group
Lugard Ekhator: This group I belong, although it has strict rules to be followed faithfully but, it is easy to follow when you are very determined
TIN: Owk den what's next
TIN: What's d name
Lugard Ekhator: To begin, the Master of this group hates anything compromise
TIN: Hmmm
TIN: What's compromise
TIN: Stop all dis talk how can I join d group
Lugard Ekhator: He wants total allegiance to all His rules and commands
Lugard Ekhator: Take it easy my friend

TIN: Owk
TIN: What's next
Lugard Ekhator: You need to be educated about what is obtainable so that you can decide whether you are still interested or not.
TIN: Am educated
TIN: Nd m still interested
Lugard Ekhator: Again, it is better you are informed before you make any decision because, at the end of day, you will not have anybody to blame should things went wrong
TIN: Xo how can I join
Lugard Ekhator: Do you still need this money?
Lugard Ekhator: It is simple
TIN: I do need t badly
Lugard Ekhator: It's easy. Let's follow it gradually
TIN: Owk
TIN: Let's start t
Lugard Ekhator: Please, let me be very frank with you and ask again. Do you truly need this money so badly?
TIN: Hmmm
TIN: Yes I do need t badly
Lugard Ekhator: I am asking because my Master I am about to introduce to you controls all wealth you may have ever think of or seen.
TIN: Owk
TIN: Introduce me to him now
Lugard Ekhator: Are you sure of this my dear friend?
TIN: Yes am sure
TIN: Am ready
Lugard Ekhator: Well, let me now warn you that after I introduced my Master to you, you wouldn't have any excuse to make in the end, should you decide to withdraw from following Him.
Lugard Ekhator: My friend, are you ready?
TIN: I wanna follow him
TIN: Yes am ready
Lugard Ekhator: Okay
TIN: Am ready now
TIN: Nd waiting
Lugard Ekhator: Okay.

Lugard Ekhator: Now, you have to do something
TIN: What's it
Lugard Ekhator: And whatever thing you will see, please be very very sincere to tell me.
Lugard Ekhator: Are you ready please?
TIN: What's it
TIN: Am ready
Lugard Ekhator: Okay
TIN: Tell me
Lugard Ekhator: Please, close your eyes very tightly for 1 minute. Then open it and tell me whatever you see. I hope this is very clear to you. I shall be waiting to hear from you and we will move to the next step from there. Ready? Go!
(At this point, I went into prayers asking the LORD to manifests HIMSELF to my friend, and HE did. Glory be to your name my LORD and my God.)

TIN: Hmmm
TIN: I see d picture of Jesus (Jesus showed HIMSELF to my friend. You see why I am in pains now?)

TIN: What's next
Lugard Ekhator: That is my Master
Lugard Ekhator: He is the one I am telling you about
TIN: So how will I get d money from him
TIN: Where zz d money na
TIN: I need money badly
Lugard Ekhator: Yes, just relax my friend.
Lugard Ekhator: Was I the one that show my Master to you? No.
Lugard Ekhator: Was I the one that show my Master to you? No
Lugard Ekhator: Hi
Lugard Ekhator: Hi
TIN: Helloooooo
TIN: Mtcheew
TIN: I wanna delete u

Lugard Ekhator: I am very sorry
Lugard Ekhator: My Internet disconnected
Lugard Ekhator: I just switched to another provider now
Lugard Ekhator: Please, don't be offended at me
Lugard Ekhator: Hello? Are you there?

The conversation later continued but I haven't copied it yet before my friend deleted me. I am truly in pains right now but I pray Jesus will save his soul from the illuminati secret cult today.