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Woman! You Will Go To Hell (For Attachment, Weave-on, Perming, Earrings, Trousers, Jewelries etc)

Woman! You Will Go To Hell (For Attachment, Weave-on, Perming, Earrings, Trousers, Jewelries etc)


By:- Osamuede Edoigiawerie, On Facebook

Evangelist Funmilayo was a high level satanic agent, who destroyed even great ministers of God and other people as well, promoted to the highest level in the demonic world - 999 realm, and held meeting with the devil for many years. In fact, her confession opened my eyes and heart for holiness within and without (dressing). In her ministration and confessions, she reveals the secrets behind almost everything she, the devil and other agents of darkness have done to pollute this world and there is a covenant behind everything that the devil and the queen of the coast have given to the world for beauty. She said that relaxer was made in deep sea as well as weave-on (which becomes a snake on the owner's head when the person dies) - artificial hair and trousers (pant as white people call it) was her idea and designed as part of her assignment to pollute the Christendom, and she used Deuteronomy 22:5.

Knowing God hates this, they created it in the demonic world of the 999 realm before launching it to the world to make women disobey and annoy God, that jewelry is an idol and that any of these things a person using them is using devil's property, and can't enter heaven either in rapture or after death! (from time to time God willing, I will be sharing some of her confessions).

She was invited to a particular church in Lagos, Nigeria to minister in a programme. The church was a worldly church, were they dress the way they like with women wearing trousers and artificial hair.
The pastor's wife was also involved in the dressing as well as the choristers. There was a fashion designer and beautician woman in the church, who usually make their hair and buy these things for them, thinking she was making a good contribution to God and she was a very close and good friend to the pastor's wife.

So, when Evangelist Funmilayo preached against wordly dressing, this woman interrupted her and told her to stop such evil message, that nothing was wrong with this way they dressed in the church.
Evangelist Funmilayo said she asked the Holy Spirit to continue from where she stopped, and left without any stipend from the church to transport herself, since they didn't like the message, so no money to assist and she didn't have any money. She had to walk a long distance to her house.

After some time the pastor's wife died. Sometime later, this woman who interrupted Evangelist Funmilayo, had a dream. In that dream, a demon was leading her into hell. She tried to resist, but the demon told her she belongs there i.e she belonged to hell. So, she was led to a part of hell, where she saw the pastor's wife. There were chairs arranged in that place with all their names written on it according to how they used these things and apparently, the pastor's wife has taken her seat, waiting for the choristers and other women to come join her.

She saw her seat, the hair of the pastor's wife had already turned to snakes biting her, and the fire burning her. The pastor's wife told her she must come and experience the suffering (not recognizing whether they were friends on earth or not because of the torture of hell) because, she was the cause of her being there.
It was in the midst of this revelation that she woke up! She went to the kitchen and used kitchen knife to barb or shave or cut her hair out of the fear of what she has just experienced.

She went to the church like a mad woman, moving towards the altar, the pastor told people to hold her, but she manoeuvre her way and grabbed the microphone on the altar. She began to narrate her experience, and before she could finished, all the female members and choristers have filled the waste basket with their fake hair, and fully repented of their sins on learning about where the pastor's wife ended up because of these things. Seeing the woman bringing the things to them a changed person, they equally changed too.

After two years of her first visit to that church before their encounter, she was later invited to the church, so she was thinking of how to bombard them with the message because of what they first did to her but, on getting there, she was surprised and asking if this is the same church she came to minister earlier (the women now covering their hair, wearing turtle neck and dressed even holier than she who has been preaching holiness). So, they told her she was not invited to come and preach but, to come and see what God has done in their lives through her.

Moral of the testimony:
God is no respecter of persons. He had to sacrifice the pastor's wife to save an entire church.
WILL YOU BE THE NEXT PERSON TO BE SEEN IN HELL FOR OTHERS TO REPENT AND STOP USING THESE THINGS? Begin to repent and pray for yourself now and take them off (if as a christian you still use them thinking it doesn't matter).
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