Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pastor – Keep Your Church And Members But Go To Hell

Pastor – Keep Your Church And Members But Go To Hell

Text: Matthew 16:15 – 19
15 He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"
16 Simon Peter answered and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
17 Jesus answered and said to him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.
18 "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.
19  "And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." (NKJV)


Many of our pastors today are ‘claiming the church of Jesus Christ’ to be their own church hence, their refusal to preach the truth and the undiluted word of God in their congregations to their members. This they do at the expense of their own soul and the souls of their members, which they have succeeded to chain with their lying spirits from the devil. They blind their members eyes with self induce teachings of prosperity, wealth, fame, miracles, partnership, promotion, favours, grace, healing, deliverance etc.

How do you expect God to bless you, when you are his enemy by adorning yourself with idols, painting yourself like a whore, appearing with strange apparel, using abominable clothing materials and living a seductive lifestyle? Don't just deceive yourself. Belonging to this fellowship or being tutored by this and that pastor will never earn you heaven. Again, doing one mighty work or the other for God, is not a sign that you will enter heaven. That your prayers are answered is not a confirmation that heaven knows you. You must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling Philippians 2:12.

Jesus is the Head of the church Ephesians 5:23 and therefore, no man has any right to claim the church of Jesus Christ as his own. As a matter of fact, these pastors are so concerned about the strength of their physical membership that, they have now decided to hide the truth from these people (their church members) in order not to lose them. Isn’t it better to have one member that will end with you in heaven, than to have 100,000,000 members that will end up in hell fire?

Pastor, you don’t own the church and therefore, you have no right to continue to deceive these people of God, whom Jesus died for and redeemed with His own blood Acts 20:28, with your fake teachings, assuring them that, irrespective of how they dress or what they do, that they will make it to heaven. What a lie! This deceit must end now for the people of God to be deliver from your lies. You must remember today that, God called you into the Ministry to feed His Sheep John 21:15-17 but, you choose to do otherwise because of the earthly gains and pleasures you are making from the hands of these people, and ultimately leading them to hell fire.

In Matthew 22:1-14, the bible said those who the marriage was made for make light of it and thereby became unworthy. Even at that, among the ones that were later invited to attend the wedding ceremony, a man was still dealt with, as a result of the fact that, he has no wedding garment on him (he was not found holy). How possible was it for you to enter this place without a wedding garment, the man was asked, but he was speechless, and this led him to be chained and he landed in hell fire.

Pastor, God has standards and His ‘STANDARDS’ are very HIGH. You cannot therefore lower the standards of the Almighty God and expect Him to overlook it. Continue to deceive yourself and your members that God is too loving and therefore cannot cast one into hell. Maybe you have forgotten that God will turn ‘all the nations that forget Him into hell including the wicked people’ Psalms 9:17.
Pastor, you are afraid to lose your congregation and members should you start to teach and preach to them ‘holiness’ according to the word of God, don’t worry, we shall soon know who actually owns the church. Just continue with your wicked work but, don’t forget that, he who know how to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin James 4:17. However, don’t forget also that no sinner have part in the kingdom of God Deuteronomy 23:14, Matthew 13:41

Pastor, there’s something you definitely don’t know. As you are preaching a compromised gospel to your members and followers, they have no choice but to believe you because they trusted in you, thinking that you are telling them the real truth. With this method, the devil is happy, clapping and jubilating in hell fire that, you are winning hundreds of thousands of souls for his kingdom (hell fire). Again, the devil is equally using your vain messages in accusing and mocking Jesus even right now that, he is the winner because, he has more people in his kingdom (hell fire) than what Jesus have in Heaven.

Jesus Christ, Our LORD and Saviour, on the other hand is weeping daily in Heaven for His church He purchased with His own blood. He is seriously weeping because you pastors have failed Him, by telling His own people lies in His name Jeremiah 14:14, 23:24, Zechariah 13:3, 1 Timothy 4:4. If you doubt this message, ask God right now to confirm this statement to you and He will do so without wasting of time.

In fact, some of you pastors are demonic. Thank God that, Jesus is revealing most of your secrets to His children these days, so that you don't deceive us again. You people belongs to secret cults and secret societies. You people are actually casting spell on your members, which you and your members calls miracle. Majority of you pastors have sacrificed your soul to the devil yet, you are a miracle worker in the name of LORD Jesus Christ. You people are nothing but fraudsters, thieves, rogues, deceivers, adulterers, ritualists, liars, embezzlers and 419ners etc.

Many of you pastors have been warned in the past by God (Sister Linda Ngaujah Testimony is a clear example), instead of you people to repent in sackcloth like the people of Nineveh Jonah 3:5, you gang up against the messengers that God sent to you. You so loved your members and church prosperity that, you can go any length to defend them even at the peril of your soul in hell fire.

Even when people died and God show them mercy by bringing them back to life with a message of warning to you, you abhor them and call them names, instead of you people to plead for God's mercy. Is it not that God loves you that He is sending you messages of repentance from above the sky so that, you and your people will not go to hell fire?

Pastor, you and your members are going to hell, for rejecting the message of salvation and living a life of compromise, by your preaching of ‘it doesn’t matter'. Pastor, if you keep your members and church from telling them the undiluted truth of the word of God but, find yourself and your members in hell fire, who will you blame? Yourself of course, as a result of your stupidity you termed smartness.

You think you can play God? The bible says, without ‘holiness’ it is impossible to make it to heaven 2 Chronicles 23:6, where God the Father, Jesus Christ and all the Saints and Angels are holy. Heaven by the grace of God has been dedicated to holiness and therefore, no unholy and unrighteousness will ever get there.

No wonder some demonic pastors in Sierra Leone and in Nigeria, ganged up against Sister Linda Ngaujah, when she told them the message our LORD Jesus Christ gave her concerning them. Even a sister worshiping with Dunamis Church, Abuja, Nigeria, equally testified how the church authorities sprang up against them, when they decided to start living a holy life by doing away with their make-ups, earrings, trousers, attachments and weave-on. Three sisters from Germany testified how they were kicked out of the church, when they declared bye bye to Egypt. A sister said her pastor humiliated her in the church, for posting linda's Testimony on her Facebook account. A sister from South Africa also said her pastor warned her not to corrupt his church with strange mode of dressing. What is this strange mode of dressing? The covering of herself properly, doing away with seductive clothing materials, doing away with trousers, make-ups and attachments. See how the churches have been corrupted with the world affairs today!

Even the once holiness believing and preaching congregations have now be turned into disco centers, film trick arenas, dens of smoking and harlotry, bars and beer parlour gathering, where all the forbidden things of God now take center stage. God will surely judge you pastors that have turned His own house of prayer into dens of thieves and robbers Mark 11:17.

But I thank God that, in the midst of these corrupt and worldly minded pastors, some children of God have taken it upon themselves to preach the message of true holiness, repentance, salvation and righteousness in the Fear of God. They are mindful of heaven and therefore, telling their congregations, members and followers, the raw truth of the word of God. They prefer to have just one member that will end up in heaven with them, than having millions of people as members that will end up in hell fire.

The Almighty God will continue to bless these people and pastors of holiness preaching in Jesus name, amen.
On this note, I commend sister Claire Andoun Atongo, of Virteous Women in Christ Television , Pastor Paul Rika, of Holiness Rival Movement Worldwide , Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, of Deeper Life Bible Church amongst others.

As they have made up their mind to be available for the LORD's use, God will continue to strengthen and help them to overcome every trials, temptations and challenges they will ever face in their lives and ministries. But, as you pastors that have chosen to harden your heats, just continue, your end is surely near. I pray that you all will repent today in Jesus name. God bless you.

Lugard Ekhator,
Cordinator, End-Time Trumpeters: The Lord Is Coming Soon (ETT-TLICS)