Sunday, December 15, 2013

Open Letter To Pastor E. A. Adeboye Over Linda Ngaujah Testimony

Open Letter To Pastor E. A. Adeboye Over Linda Ngaujah Testimony

Good day Pastor E. A. Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG.
Greetings to you in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God and soon coming King.
It is my prayer that your labour in the Lord will not be in vain in Jesus name. I equally pray that should the trumpet of rapture sound while you are still alive that you will not miss it in Jesus name.
I finally pray that the good Lord will renew and restore your salvation if it has been lost in Jesus name.
Thank you and God bless.

Sir, I learnt that you asked your RCCG members worldwide not to have anything to do with Linda Ngaujah testimony in the just concluded RCCG Holy Ghost Congress, 2013 tagged "The Overflow" because it lacks biblical backing according to you. Sir, should this news be true then, it is very very unfortunate!

Very unfortunate because, Jesus Christ ONLY is the one that died for everyone of us including you sir and ONLY Him reserved the rights to tell His own children He died and redeemed with His own BLOOD what to believe and what not to believe. After all, you Pastor E. A. Adeboye never died for any single man on earth. Sir, did you?

Sir, irrespective of the perspective that you viewed Linda's testimony, you know right there in your mind that this testimony is not only from God but, very correct in its entirety as regards the spiritual state of RCCG churches and members today.
Therefore, if you don't agree with the message as a person, does it mean it has no positive spiritual impact in the lives of other individual members of RCCG?
Sir, does your rejection of Linda's testimony have anything to do with whether or not that testimony is from God or, you did based on your selfish ego because you don't want the members of RCCG to know the hard truth of true holiness and righteousness, which will invariably translate to you, Pastor Adeboye losing some God fearing members to churches where true holiness (spirit, body and soul) is the order of the day?
Sir, under whatever circumstances you took your decision, I declare to you by the Spirit of God that, you have just been robbed by the devil and you have succeeded in shutting the door of true repentance against you and the entire RCCG members that have already accepted your judgment in wild jubilation. What a disaster waiting to happen!
Now, if you Pastor Adeboye truly believed that Linda Ngaujah testimony is not of God and also unbiblical then, it will require Jesus Christ to be physically hang again the second time before you and the entire RCCG members worldwide could be redeemed from the destruction that lies ahead. I pray that the Almighty God in heaven show you mercy and the entire RCCG members today.
Meanwhile, sir, are you not aware that RCCG pastors are now calling your wife, Folu Adeboye an 'old woman' due to her godly appearance and lifestyle?
Sir, are you now saying that the open secret of worldliness in RCCG today is now godly and biblical?
Sir, are you now the special adviser to the Almighty God in telling God what and what not to do on His free will?
Sir, are you now satisfied that your own church members and pastors are living opposite of your own kind of lifestyle?
Sir, are you equally saying that women wearing trousers in RCCG is right and biblical?
Sir, are you also saying that RCCG members now competing with the world in ungodly and unholy dressing and adornment is now right and acceptable to God?
Pastor Adeboye sir, if you say people should not believe Linda's testimony which is 100% correct about the rot and decay in RCCG, why do you then keep your RCCG members locked to yourself with your unending declaration of 'the Lord said there is someone here tonight', thereby putting yourself in the place of God as your members are now rushing to your programmes, just to hear the Lord said?
In case you don't know sir, Pastor Adebayo, you are not God and you have no right whatsoever to question God about what He chooses to do with His own creatures.
Therefore sir, if you are serving God, you are doing so for yourself and never for your wife or members. Do not therefore become a stumbling block on the way of the true children of God from making heaven.
In case you have forgotten sir, let me remind you right here sir, Pastor Adeboye that, no man or woman wearing wedding rings and jewelries, no woman wearing trousers, no woman using makeup, weaveon, attachment and high heel shoes, and other worldly and satanic materials will ever make heaven. I promise you this by word of God, the bible!
Sir, even if you brainwashed your members to donate one billion naira individually in the name of building a 3km square auditorium, this will never grant them heaven when they are spotted on their Christian lives with jezebel, Delilah and the Babylonian whore garments.
Moreover, I watched your wife Mrs. Folu Adeboye on RTM channel sometime ago, during her visit to south Africa for Feast of Esther programme. She gave her testimony to the women in that programme on how she threw all her jewelries into the lagoon immediately she got converted. She said her sisters and others were blaming her why she refused to give them those jewelries, instead of wasting it in the lagoon. According to her, she told them that whoever need them should go to the lagoon and get them because, they were gone for good in her life.
Now, out of all the RCCG women members that attended that programme in South Africa, your wife was the only godly dressed woman there. All other jezebel dressed women were shamelessly clapping their hands as the daughter of God was declaring her testimony of conversion to holy living and dressing but, she failed to preached it to her female members that worldliness in the name of born again will land them in hell fire.
In fact sir, you have never condemn worldliness in your messages yet, you asked your RCCG pastors that they should never preach in their parishes if they are not wearing tie. Is holiness and righteousness now associated with wearing of tie? Is this biblical too? No wonder a pastor of RCCG hanged himself last time after impregnating his church member.
Therefore Pastor Adeboye, is the message of Linda Ngaujah testimony different from your wife's testimony?
Apart from your immediate family and very few other members of RCCG which are truly free from jezebel manifestation of worldliness, do you preach to your jezebel members that they are heading straight to hell fire from the pulpit with the entanglements of jezebel materials?
You also asked your RCCG pastors to be collecting tithes in two boldly marked 'ministers' and 'congregation' baskets and they are obeying your instructions. But these same members of yours are disobeying the word of the Almighty God (bible) and you are doing nothing about it. I pray you receive the mercy of God today in Jesus name. Amen.
Sir, these are in addition of your cult-like initiation of your recently ordination ceremony you conducted for your pastors and deacons, when you told them that any one ordained as minister in RCCG, must remain in RCCG forever. According to you, any one ordained in RCCG and left will never do well in his/her new ministry. With this, some of those who had already prepared for the ministerial ordination left the line because they don't want to be restricted by the religious walls that the various denominational church organisation have created, while others simply went for the ordination because, it appears that was the last resort.
Now Pastor Adeboye, is this a biblical practice? What is the name of the religion that Jesus Christ builded and handed over to us? Why are you making RCCG to be like the only church that can lead to heaven, whereas the ministry is actually heading for the rocks due to the compromising standard you have introduced into the ministry, which was never the case with the founder of the ministry. I pray you will retract your steps before it's too late.
Now that the Almighty God had devised a means to quickly rescue His sons and daughters from the damnation in hell fire, due largely to the failure of you pastors that now equate prosperity, mega church buildings and largest membership strength to holiness, wouldn't you rather be grateful to the Almighty God for exposing your weakness, so that you can repent and amend your ways in order to avoid your soul from going to hell fire?
By the way, I am sure that you have watched my recently released video titled "Should Pastor Adeboye Miss Heaven What Will Become Of His Members?" Sir, if you haven't watched it, please search for it on the Internet and ensure that you watch it for your own good.
Do remember that as you are always saying that God is speaking to you that, this same Almighty God have other sons and daughters He is equally speaking to and working through them to bring His own message to His children.
Remember the claims of Prophet Elijah and what God told him that, He have other thousands of people out there that have never bow nor kissed baal.
Watch out therefore and amend your ways because, the champion Goliath of yesterday can be killed by the unskilled David today.
A word is enough for the wise.
Thank you and God bless.
From your son that cares for the salvation of your soul,
Lugard Ekhator
Member, RCCG Peace House Parish,
Yola Town,
Adamawa State.