Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taking Stocks As 2013 Winds Up

Taking Stocks As 2013 Winds Up

In few minutes from now, we shall be bidding the Old Year 2013 bye bye, and shall be ushering in the New Year 2014 to the glory of God.

In reflecting on this outgoing year, I want to say THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME, FAMILY AND MINISTRY. May your name be praised forever more. Amen.

To begin, if I had died before March 2013, I would have surely made it to hell fire because, I was serving God in pure ignorance. Thank you LORD Jesus for sparing my life, and you never allow me to die in sin.

As the bible says that "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" 1 Thessalonians 5:18, I will always say thank you LORD, even though I experienced some bitter and unpleasant circumstances in this outgoing year 2013.

It all started with the death of my mother on Monday, 4th February, 2013, at the age of 70 years. Although we were pained but we however thank God that she didn't bury any of her 7 children before she answer the call of the Almighty. Well, physical death is a debt every living soul must taste Ecclesiastes 3:2, except for the righteous and holy Christians who will be alive during the rapture of the saints Matthew 16:28. Hallelujah.

In March 2013, my wife lost her elder sister, same father but different mother to the cold hands of death. Well, all glory be to God.

Likewise in July 2013, my wife again lost her immediate junior sister, same father and same mother to the cold hands of death, 13 days after she was delivered of a baby girl, Blessed, who is now with us. Pain! Pain!! Pain!!! And more pains but, the Almighty God knew better than we do anyway. Again, may His name be praised. Amen.

This November 2013, I also lost one of my uncle to the cold hands of death. Should I then be angry with God? Never. Don't forget that he owns us all.

As much as the year 2013 was not all rosary for us, God in His infinite mercies also brought some wonderful memories on our way. Thank you LORD God Almighty.

This outgoing year 2013 marked my journey into the world of smart phone usage, as I won 3 numbers of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS, courtesy of GLO Mobile Nigeria online contest. God is indeed good.

On the spiritual circle, the Almighty God brought us in contact with Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide. This is the ministry that God used to rescued us from going to hell fire as nominal Christians, through the testimonies and messages produced by this non denominational Christian ministry, promoting and pursuing true and total holiness in the churches of Jesus Christ. Thank you Most excellent Father for saving our souls from the damnation of hell fire.

Among several other wonderful things that the Almighty God brought to our lives, He crowned the year 2013 with a promotion for me. Only the LORD God could have given someone like me a position I never applied. May your name be praised continually in my life, home, ministry and job in Jesus name. Amen.

Therefore, as this Old Year 2013 winds up tonight, it is my prayer that more grace will be made available to me in the New Year 2014, to continue with the preaching of the message of the kingdom so that more souls will be won to God. Amen.

I wish you all my friends, readers, supporters out there a Prosperous New Year 2014. Praise the LORD Hallelujah!