Monday, July 22, 2013

There's A Way That Seems Right To A Man: The Story Of Doris Osasuyi Sudden Death

There's A Way That Seems Right To A Man: The Story Of Doris Osasuyi Sudden Death

Doris is my wife's immediate junior sister. She had been through turbulent times in several aspects of her 35 years in life.

She was a successful tailor/fashion designer in Benin City, Edo State, until she began to think of travelling abroad.

So, in 2006, she jets out of Nigeria, via Cotonou, courtesy of a woman that operates a sex rings by trafficking young girls for prostitution abroad.

According to her, when they arrived Agadex, they launched them into prostitution bout, sleeping with different men on a daily basis, while the woman (their whore mother) collects the money from the men.
She was in that place doing prostitution for this devilish woman, without crossing them to Europe as she told them in Benin City, Nigeria. They couldn't challenged her also as she made them to swear to an idol before their departure from Benin City.

Therefore, she was somehow rescued from the prostitution ring by a man, who then took her to Kano, Nigeria. As soon as she settled down in Kano, she resumed her tailoring work there.

Shortly before my wife put to bed in 2007, she paid us a visit in Yola, Adamawa State. Seeing her alone, I gave God all the glory for rescuing her from that hellish prostitution ring. Sadly, that was the last time I saw her.

After her visit, she returned back to Kano and continued with her tailoring business, until she called us and said, she was going into selling provisions. Although I encouraged her to continue with her tailoring work, her mind was already made up.
During this time, different men have been asking her hand in marriage and disappointing her in the process too. To her, marriage must take place one way or the other. I told her to wait on Jesus because, God's timing was certainly the best.

By 2010, she decided to relocate to Lagos State. By 2012, I leant she was now staying with a Calabar man in a boyfriend/girlfried relationship. I called her why she decided to follow such un-biblical approach in getting married, since she claims to be a Christian.

To my shock, Doris asked me: Where was Jesus, when men were disappointing her about getting married? My God! I shouted her down, reminding her about how God saved and delivered her from prostitution. To her, this was her last chance or opportunity of getting married and so, it shouldn't pass her bye.

From that time onward, I developed a cold approach towards her. I kept on telling my wife to tell her junior sister to take the man she was now living with as husband to her family, so that traditional marriage rites should been performed, at least to give that unholy union some legal backing because, any man who is sleeping with the woman he hasn't paid her dowry is a THIEF.

This time, her new location became Abuja, Nigeria, where she was now living with the man that didn't marry her properly, whom none of her relations know, as a husband.

However, by the time the Military restored Mobile services in Yola, which was suspended since 27th May, 2013, on Thursday, 11th July, 2013, the first news we received from home is that, Doris have delivered a baby girl.

We were all somehow shocked as none of her relations, not even her mother got wind of her pregnancy. Well, a holy child have been born into that unholy union.

I congratulated her on her safe delivery and equally reminded her that, the union she entered with that man is a sinful one, telling her that, her boyfriend husband must pay her dowry as a matter of urgency. Last week, I greeted her on the phone telling her the same thing. I equally called her mother (my mother-in-law) about what I told her daughter.

On Saturday, 20th July, 2013, I travelled to Jalingo, Taraba State, to attend Holiness Revival Conference, organised by Pastor Paul Rika and his Holiness Revival Movement Ministry Worldwide, held at CAN Centre, Jalingo, Taraba State.

After the programme ended yesterday night, I received a call from my wife in Yola, informing me that, Doris, her junior sister was dead. With shock, I asked: Was she sick? She said no that, the person that called to informed them said, Doris fell down in front of their house and died. Just like that!

But, this morning, when my sister-in-law (Glory) living with us in Yola called me, she said report by the Police from the hospital said, Doris died from poisoning. Who must have poisoned her and for what purpose? When this incidence happened yesterday, they said the boyfriend husband was not at home, as he was still at work at the time.

Nevertheless, when Doris put to bed, one of her boyfriend husband junior sister has been staying with them in Abuja, to assist them with some house chores. Therefore, according to reports, the girl immediately absconded with Doris's little daughter, and her whereabouts is unknown right now. Her said boyfriend husband have equally not returned home since yesterday his girlfriend wife died. So, what is happening that, her family of yesterday are nowhere to be found again today? Was there a conspiracy to terminates Doris's life for something.
Well, Doris, if you had make peace with God before you died, I wish you eternal rest in His bosom.

You girl out there, you boy out there, saying if you don't marry this and that person, you will never get well. Do you know this man? Do you know this woman? Always remember, not all that glinter are GOLD.

Take time to pray that God will give you your right husband, your right wife, who will not sacrifice you for wealth.

As for Doris, none of her relations know this man at all, as she never borders to bring him to her people, if for nothing but for introduction, before she met her untimely death. Where will they look for this boyfriend of a husband now? Will they ever get to meet Doris's young daughter? Only time shall tell.

There's a way that seems right to a man but, the end of it is the way of DEATH. Think about this now!!!
God bless you.

Lugard Ekhator