Saturday, July 27, 2013

How I Stopped Using Earrings - Sister Faith

How I Stopped Using Earrings - Sister Faith

It was last Monday, 22nd July, 2013, when one Miss Faith came to pay us a condolence visit in our house, over the death of my wife's immediate junior sister, by name Doris.

Faith is a friend of Glory, my wife junior sister living with us. They both did their Teaching Practice in the same school, after their final exams at Federal College of Education FCE, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

So after some time, I decided to speak with Faith because, I saw her dressed holy, no makeup, no attachment, no earrings and no trousers.

First, I asked her the name of the church she was attending. She told me that, she is a member of Victory Baptist Church, Yola Bypass, Yola Town, Adamawa State.

I then asked her why she was not wearing earrings. She told me that, I will be the second person she will be sharing this thing, ever since she stopped using earrings.

According to her, my sister-in-law (Glory) gave her the cassette of Evangelist Margaret Amure, titled 'Back From Heaven With A Message From Jesus Christ' to watch.

Although she said the message was true but, she kept on using her earrings, though she now change from the big ones to small ones.

After some time, she had a dream. She said somebody was threatening her in the dream that, he was going to cut off her ears. When she asked why, the person told her that she does not want to hear word, therefore, her ears must be cut off. She then woke up.

Meanwhile, she didn't immediately stopped using the earrings after this dream. However, she later started to notice strange things around her ears. She said, whenever she wear her earrings, her ears started to itch her but, immediately she will remove it, the itching will stopped.
She started to wonder what this could mean. Again, she said her ears started to swell up whenever she tried to use the earrings.

Now, reflecting back to the video she had earlier watched, she now reasoned that, may be God don't want her to use the earrings again. That was how Sister Faith stopped using earrings.

After listening to her testimony, I asked her how she is feeling now, and to the glory of God, she said, she was feeling okay and free.

Later on, I preached to her from Genesis 35:1-5 and 1 Peter 3:3, letting her to know that, all jewelries, no matter how small or tiny it may appear are idols.

I thereafter encouraged her to please, share her testimony with her church members, particularly her choir mates that, God is angry with idol worshippers (people using any form of jewelries) and that, God demands total holiness inside and outside.

I bless the name of the LORD for the life of sister Faith, who had a personal revelation and conviction, which automatically led to her giving up on idol worshipping (use of jewelries).

You woman out there, who is still contemplating and stubborn that you never want to let go of your idol worshipping, remember that time is running out. If you die with that jewelry right now, you are going straight to hell fire, and there is no mercy or repentance there.

Repent now and cry unto Jesus for mercy, ask Him to forgive you and cleanse you from all forms of idol worshipping.
God bless you all.

Lugard Osakpamwan Ekhator
Coordinator, End-Time Trumpeters:  The Lord Is Coming Soon (ETT - TICS)