Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Is Your LAST Stealing Operation

This Is Your LAST Stealing Operation:
Text: Ephesians 4:28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

My Kodak M550 Digital Camera was stolen yesterday 20th July, 2013, on my way to Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide conference in Jalingo, Taraba State.

As usual, the camera was berthed to my waist, as that is how I usually go out with it anywhere I go. Although I can't tell exactly where it was stolen, whether in Yola, inside the Taxi I boarded or, at Jalingo, I don't know.
Ever since I left home, I was not conscious of it until I came down at CAN Centre, venue of the programme from the Keke Napep I entered from the Jalingo Roundabout.

Meanwhile, although the loss of the camera is painful to me but, I am mostly pained for the 8GB Memory card I had on the camera, as all the data (pictures and videos) there are not backup anywhere.

Now, you thief that opened my zip and stole my Kodak M550 Digital Camera, I pray for you in Jesus name. You will not die but, peace shall elude you. This is your last robbery operation in your entire life, as this camera by the grace of God, will bring you to knowledge of Our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You will NEVER know peace until you give your life to Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul in Jesus name, amen. You will know that Jesus loves you by stealing from me because, your time of redemption have come.

Therefore, whether you are in Yola or Jalingo, you will never have peace until you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.

This is my prayer for you and whoever is involved with this stealing in Jesus Christ Mighty name I pray, amen. Remember, Jesus loves you.

Lugard Ekhator