Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Pastor Is Sending You To Hell Fire

Your Pastor Is Sending You To Hell Fire

Dear Christian woman in Christ,
Your pastor is sending you to hell fire, for his failure to tell you the whole truth of the word of God. Remember that Jesus said in John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". So, why do you allow this sweet coated tongue pastors to keep on deceiving you with their 'self' (FLESH) inspired messages, fake miracles, demonic signs and wonders, satanic voices and lucifer's vision, which is not of God neither is God with them?

Now, for the fact that these hell fire bound Christian pastors and preachers are encouraging you to keep on sinning against the Almighty God and to willfully disobey His word, with their messages of 'it doesn't matter', 'you can wear anything', 'you can use anything', 'you can appear anyhow', 'you can go anywhere' and so on so forth, you better borrow legs and run very far away from them now because, you will end up in hell fire with them (pastors), if you continue to be under their cursed anointing. Sisters, escape for your LIFE NOW or else, you will be consume in their atrocities Genesis 19:17.
Now, don't get me wrong. This teaching is for all ages, regions, countries and continents of the earth. Whether you are black or white, an African, a European, an American, a Chinese, an Asian, a French, and again, no matter who you think you are or what position you think you are currently holding, either as a Pastor, General Overseer, Deacon, Deaconess, President and Founder, miracle worker, Prophet, Prophetess, Pope, Archbishop, Bishop, Reverend, Reverend father, Brother, Sister, Chorister, Women leader, prayer leader, youth leader and the rest, until and unless you obey God in TOTAL holiness and righteousness, no heaven for you. You can go on deceiving your selves and your church members with your large congregations, testimonies, riches and wealth, private jets and limousines, my friend, God know those that are HIS own 2 Timothy 2:19.

You have no excuse whatsoever not to live a holy life unto the Almighty God Romans 2:1. How Your Pastors Are Sending You People To Hell Fire:

1. Wearing Trousers As A Woman:
Any church or pastor, that does not condemn the use of trousers by women, is a satanic church and a satanic pastor. You woman that is wearing trousers is under curse because, the bible declared you 'an abomination unto the LORD God' Deuteronomy 22:5.
Look, even if you are having deceptive dreams about 'heaven', don't just think it at all, for you will NEVER get there with your abominable dressing. Repent now, for you are heading to HELL FIRE.

2. Make Up:
In case you don't know, the devil is the brain behind make ups and for your information, it is the BLOOD OF YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS they kill through accidents that they are using to produce them. So, as you are painting your mouths, faces, eyes and fingers, you are using the blood of human beings on your body. What a pity!
Now, as your pastor had failed to tell you this truth and as he/she continue to allow it in him/her church, they are sending you to hell fire. The bible called you 'daughters of Sarah', why then do you choose to be addressed as 'daughters of Jezebel'? 2 kings 9:30. Repent now because, as Jezebel is in hell fire, so also will 'ALL HER DAUGHTERS' make it to hell fire to be with her. After all, isn't where you are that your children wants to be? Repent today.

3. Jewelries:
Jewelries are idols and strange gods on the body of the user Genesis 35:1-5. Don't be deceived, jewelries are worldly attire and thus attracts severe punishment from God Hosea 2:13. Therefore, as your pastor have failed to reveal this truth to you, by allowing you to make use of earrings, necklaces, wedding rings, bangles and other ornaments, he/she is sending you right away to hell fire. Repent now sisters for the salvation of your soul.
Sister, should you DIE right now with those idols on your body, you will land in hell fire, no matter who you think you are, or what you think you are doing in the LORD. Repent now, as there is no 'MERCY' after death Hebrews 9:27. Apostle John encouraged us in 1 John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

4. Attachments, Wigs, Weave-ons, High Heels, Mini Skirts And Other Seductive Materials:
In Zephaniah 1:8, the bible says "And it shall come to pass in the day of the LORD's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel". Woman, as long as you are still using weave-on, attachments and wigs, you are an unbeliever and a stranger to the kingdom of God. Never you forget that, no stranger (unbeliever) have part in the kingdom of God, no matter how 'holy' you claimed to be Job 15:19.
Moreover, your pastor is equally sending you to hell fire, for his/her continued encouragement for you be using those cursed and sinful things. Repent now and burn down those devilish materials but, should you fail to do it now, just know that you are heading to hell fire. No argument!

5. Perming & Curling Of Hair And Bleaching Of Skin:
My friend, if you are there bleaching your hair through Perming and Curling, and bleaching your skin to become fair, look, you have succeeded in changing the 'the glory of God into shame' Psalms 4:2. By destroying the 'original' handiwork of God is "insulting" God that, he does not know what is good for you. Repent today because, you are playing with hell fire. When you die and finds yourself in hell fire as a result of 'common perming and jerry curl', and you then begin to call on the LORD Jesus for 'MERCY' in hell fire, you will surely be asking for the impossible because, no mercy in Hell Fire.
Now, when God at creation looks at you, He declared that 'you were very good' Genesis 1:31. Why then did you decided to 'spoil' this good work of the LORD God, by changing your skin and hair with cream? Why are you exposing your bodies through mini skirts and seductive materials? Now that your pastor doesn't see anything wrong in what you are doing behold, he/she is sending you to hell fire with FULL FORCE. I pray you will receive God's mercy today in Jesus name, amen.

6. Opening Hair Why Praying And In The Church:
Woman, are you not afraid of God? Are you not afraid of breaking God's own word? Haven't you read in the bible that, God will not hold him 'guiltless' that take His name in VAIN? Exodus 20:7. Don't you know the bible, which is the word of God is God HIMSELF? John 1:1. The bible warned you women to cover your hair in the church why praying or prophesying, because of the angels but, you said no, you must open your hair 1 Corinthians 11:5-6, 10, 13; Ecclesiastes 5:6. Hmm! Do you see the fire you are playing with? Woman, God says, be mindful of my angel I sent among you because, he will not pardon when you sin against him Exodus 23:20-21 yet, you are asking, who's this God that I should obey him to cover my hair? 1 Samuel 12:15. Repent now and start covering your hair properly well if you want to go to heaven at your death, or at rapture should Jesus come now.

Let's not deceive ourselves, the bible says "the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience" Colossians 3:6 and Ephesians 5:6. Therefore, everyone of you out there that is still doing the opposite of the bible, repent now because, you will find yourself in a place you least expected (hell fire), as a result of your willful disobedience to the word of God.
Your pastors are hell fire bent hence, their compromising lifestyle through 'adding and subtracting' from the word of God Revelation 22:18-19. Your pastors are all liars but, God is true Romans 3:4. Why do you therefore want to go HELL FIRE my brethren, with these demonic 'agents of Satan' calling themselves pastors and whatever they like? Please! Please!! Please!!! Don't go to Hell Fire with them, let them go alone with their wives and children but, deliver your SOUL from Hell now before it is too late.
Our good God don't want you to die hence He asked, why will you die oh son of man? Ezekiel 18:31 Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? God is still waiting to welcome you home right now, just like the Prodigal son, if only you will repent today and ask God for mercy Luke 15:11-32.
Forget about the title(s) you are bearing, God is no respecter of persons Ephesians 6:9. Come to him now for He will abundantly pardon your sins Isaiah 55:7. How many of you are ready? If you are ready, God is ready Isaiah 1:18-20.

Now, if you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, you want to repent from all your sins and say no more, you want to rededicate your life to Him from your backsliding, behold, He says come so that you will have rest unto your souls Matthew 11:28.
Say this PRAYER now....

Lord Jesus, thank you today for your word
I never know I was sinning against you by doing what you never wanted me to do
I confess now that, I am a sinner
Please, forgive me all my sins I have ever committed
I thought I was going to heaven when I die but, I never knew I was going to hell fire with the worldly things I was using on my body, which make me to disobey your word ignorantly
I repent from all my sins today
Please, write my name in the BOOK of LIFE
I accept you today as my LORD and personal Saviour
Therefore, take over my life
Do what you want to do with my body because, it is no longer my own
I am ready to obey you now with TOTAL obedience to your word
Help me to overcome the pleasures of this world, which have blinded my eyes in the past from trusting and believing in your world
Help me to overcome sin
I will declare my new salvation to the ends of the word that, I have met you
Thank you LORD for saving my soul today
I am now born again
Praise God Halelluyah

Brothers and sisters, if you have just said the above prayers, congratulations. I welcome you to the family of God. Please, go out from that 'prosperity' preaching church and look for 'Holiness' preaching church to join, so that the truth of the word of God will be reveal unto you.
Remember, once save is 'NOT' forever saved. You must live your life according to the word of on a daily basis. God bless you all.

Should you desire to know more about the true life of Holiness in a Christian life, don't hesitate to comment. Also, you can reach us on email via
I wish you all HEAVEN at last in Jesus name, amen.

Lugard Ekhator
Coodinator, End-Time Trumpeters: The Lord Is Coming Soon ETT - TLICS