Saturday, April 5, 2014

Please Remember Me In Your Prayers

Please Remember Me In Your Prayers

That the Almighty God will endue me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so that I, Lugard Ekhator, will be able to counsel people aright and according to the standard of the undiluted word of God in Jesus name. Amen.

By the special grace of God, and coupled with my little and limited knowledge of the things of God, and my position on biblical matters, I always receive calls, e-emails, SMS, BBM chat, and Facebook messages, of Christians seeking one counsel or the other.

By God's grace, I don't know anything at all and therefore, I want the LORD God Almighty to increase in me that I may decrease and be consumed in HIS divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding, to be able to counsel HIS children correctly in Jesus name.

God bless you all.