Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is Glo-1 Submarine Cable Dead???

Is Glo-1 Submarine Cable Dead??

I am curios and very sceptical about the whereabouts of the much media celebrated Glo-1 Submarine Cable, connecting Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries to the rest of the world, launched around 208 or thereabouts.

In my personal opinion and results from Speed Test servers, this cable is dead and only exists on mere papers. Or, does it mean that the cable is existing 'spiritually', thereby becoming invisible in its operation?
Should this be the case, how are the advertised connected companies by Glo done, when Network Speed Test Application can't locate its existence in the West Africa Sub Region?

Glo, where is your Glo-1 Submarine Cable? Why can't I find it among other International Submarine cables dotting the African waterways?
Prove it or else, Glo-1 Submarine Cable is dead.

For the avoidance of doubt, below are the companies offering International Gateway services in Nigeria, and they operate from Lagos, Nigeria, all with a distance of 1.050 KM from my present location, as shown by the Speed Test Application on my Android phone.

Thank you.

1. Cobranet Ltd
2. MainOne Cable
3. Airtel Nigeria
4. Netcom Africa Limited (Repeated twice. Could the second one mean Glo-1?)
6. Swift Networks Limited
7. Spectranet Limited