Wednesday, April 2, 2014

20 Spectacular Testimonies Of Blessings From Divine Revelations Of Heaven And Hell Messages - Cyril Utomi


Posted By: Cyril Utomi
Culled From:

(1). A couple who have been christian workers and leaders for years in a holiness based church uncovered the sin of premarital sex and did open restitution to the church after reading Michael Sambo's book.

(2). A prostitute repented after watching Daniel Ekechukwu's message, and received a commission from God to fight pollution in His church. Through her ministry, thousands of women have abandoned ungodly dressing and adornment, and revival of holiness spread like wildfire on Youtube, Facebook and Internet.

(3). A choir-mistress in a gospel church repented and did restitution to her husband of adultery with 9 men, in the same church. After watching Abraham Yakubu's message, she further confessed of secretly aborting the husband's pregnancy in order to continue flirting with her many lovers.

(4). Two hardened criminals in Ebonyi State repented simultaneously, after reading Michael Sambo's message.

(5). A man that had put away his wife and married a young woman after having 7 children together, repented and did restitution and reunited with the lawful wife after hearing sister Linda's testimony.

(6). A woman in Jos, repented of adultery and confessed to the husband that 2 out of their 4 children in the home belonged to another man.

(7). A Ghanaian couple in a wrong marriage living in Germany repented after hearing Pastor Rika's message and stopped relating as husband and wife, though still in the same house, but as christian brother and sister, until the sister willingly returned to Ghana.

(8). A sister who had defrauded her husband of conjugal fellowship for over a year, repented after watching Abraham Yakubu's message.

(9). A brother who is a worker and leader in a bible believing church repented after watching Ezekiel Moses message and traveled to Benue State, to pay for long forgotten debts.

(10). A married woman who was addicted to artificial beauty and used to spend hours and lots of money in saloons, repented and discarded all the vanities after the Lord appeared to her personally in her house.

(11). A brother traveled back to Nigeria from America to do restitution for 27 years wrong marriage and returned stolen money to the Federal Government.

(12). A pastor of about 30 years in ministry with many Pentecostal churches, repented after hearing these messages.

(13). The 'wife' of a G. O. in Lafia, Nassarawa State, repented and did open restitution to the church that she had been living with the pastor in adultery. They were both married to different spouses with children, but were merely cohabiting.

(14). A pastor with lord's chosen repented and ran away from that cult after listening to sister Linda's message. He said the Lord had been warning him before.

(15). Another sister in Mararaba also escaped from god of chosen after hearing sister Linda's message. She had been pestering her leaders with unanswered questions concerning strange things going on there.

(16). An entire family in Lagos repented and gave their lives to Christ after hearing the message of Emmanuel SamsonJude.

(17). A cult member repented after hearing the message of Samuel Oghenetega.

(18). Many Muslims have repented through the ministry and message of Sadiq Ibrahim.

(19). Many women have repented and removed cosmetics and jewelry through the message of sis Margaret Amure.

(20). Many churches that used to argue that holiness was the doctrine of a particular church, have now repented and embraced the message of holiness, righteousness and truth.

ALL GLORY HONOUR AND PRAISE BE UNTO JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD! . Please send comments of what God has done for you through testimonies of heaven and hell revelations.