Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear Friends Please Pray For Me For God To Forgive Me

Dear Friends Please Pray For Me For God To Forgive Me

O LORD God Almighty, please forgive me for not paying attention to You this evening.

Dear friends, I am very restless right now. Please pray that God should have mercy on me.

Some few minutes ago, I went to buy some sachet of cold pure water. After buying the water, I entered another shop where I bought something else.

In the process while waiting for my change, a lady came and asked for cold pure water from the shop and she was told there were none. So she left.

As she was going, I called her back to come and buy from the ones I bought for home use. She asked how much and I told her it was N5 per sachet, the same amount I bought them. She bought two and gave me N10 and so, she left.

However, immediately she left, something told me: What is N10 that you cannot give? O my God!

This is pure stinginess in display. I bought N100 worth of water (20 sachets) to use at home, but I couldn't give out just two sachets. O LORD, please forgive me for being stinging.

Please friends, pray for me. I want God to restore me now.
Thank you all.

From: Brother Lugard Ekhator