Friday, August 23, 2013

Worldiness And Partying Spirit Is Eradicating Holiness In The House Of God


By:  Sandra Imuwahen Igbinoba
May 14, 2012 at 3:56pm
Heavenly Father, Our Lord and Our God, The God of Heaven and earth, we worship you Lord, we give you all the glory Lord, Our God we thank You for loving us so much and for giving us your only Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice of Sin Offering, Lord Jesus Christ we thank You for all that you did for us on the Cross, Lord I pray that through this message, You will touch the lives of your people so that all humanity will know that You are The Almighty God, The God that remaineth the same forever, Amen.

THE CHURCH, The church is the same thing as the body of Christ when believers comes together in one accord, doing the things of God is known as church. THE HOUSE OF GOD, Any were we dedicate to God that we would be using for church activities, be it temporary or permanent till the Lord comes becomes the house of God. The house of God is suppose to be a place of Holiness, when people are coming into the house of God, they begin to check themselves properly to see if there be any sin in them and they begin to repent, they begin to cry God for mercy and they don't go back to their sin. But this days abomination has grown to the highest order, some even come to the house of God with their co-fornicators, they feel so free to come to the house of God even with their co-partner in sin, is this not an abomination to the body of Christ? Where is the fear of God?

Some do come out to spray money on the Altar or on the preacher when messages are going on, messages of repentance from sin will never motivate such actions, when the message makes people comfortable and does not condemn their sin, then you begin to see things like that. Lots of abominations are taking place in churches, people are so comfortable, they no longer repent from their old ways, lots of people don't focus any more on the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Lots of people are making the sacrifice that Our Lord made on the cross be in vain without knowing it, some don't preach Holiness and repentance any more because they don't want to loose members, they are now preaching what the people wants to hear, what a tragedy..... we would all give account.

WEDDING IN CHURCHES, As we all know, there was nothing like church marriage in the Bible, every marriages mentioned in the bible were all done in the houses of the couples and by their families including the marriage Our Lord went to in the land of Canaan, We don't know how wedding crept into the church and became a church affair, some even brings couples that had already defiled themselves into the temple of God to join them together and defile the temple of God, God have mercy.

In the land of Canaan, Our Lord was just invited as a guest and not for Him to come and join them together because the only person that can join together is the father of the bride and the family{Deuteronomy 22:15-30} If God has given you the permission to do wedding in your church, is ok, make sure the two people involved have not defiled themselves so that the temple of God would not be defile. Also try not to turn the house of God to a party place, because the house of God is suppose to be a place of Holiness and prayers and worship and giving thanks to God.

CHILD DEDICATIONS.  We have to dedicate our children to God, {1 Samuel 1:24-28} the baby Samuel was dedicated To God. Also in the book of {Luke 2:23-39} When Our Lord Jesus Christ came in form of a man, He also was brought to the house of God after He was born. Dedication is ordained by God, but we shouldn't abuse things, let's go straight and dedicate the baby and if the parents wants party, then they should go and rent another hall for that and this would help remove worldliness in the house of God.

BIRTHDAYS. King Herod and King Pharaoh were the only two people that celebrated their birthdays in the Bible and two heads were taken along with it. {Genesis 40:20-22, Matthew 14:6} you can appreciate God for the day you were born, it's a great day, but don't turn the house of God a party show case place all in the name of birthday, the house of God is not meant for such things, The house of God is not for party, if you are the type that love parties, then go and rent a hall and withdraw your spirit, soul and body away from the wrath of God.

ANNIVERSARIES; It's good to give thanks to God, but lets try to eradicate worldliness in churches, everything we do in life, we will give account, when the church is too worldly, the people there cannot focus on Holiness any more, they won't think about the coming of Our Lord any more. Instead of people focusing on the coming of Our Lord and how to live a Holy life, they are now busy running around looking for to-match hair-tie, shoes, clothes, jewelries or what food to cook for the next party to take place inside the church.... God have mercy.

TRADITIONAL OR CULTURAL DANCES AND DISPLAY; I've seen occasions also were by church members are allowed to dress themselves with their traditional local attire to represent the various villages they are from and their local attire. Some of this dressing codes really do expose their entire body, some is just a piece of wrapper on their chest to their laps region and that's all with excess beads and hair styles that makes them look like demons. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, we have to forget totally about the tradition of our father's house, the Bible is now our culture and tradition, we don't have to partake in lots of things any more { like new yam festival, in Nigeria } etc. Please we have to put a stop to all this things and if not they will start inviting their masquerades from their villages into the church, it might look funny, Some Christains do allow their children to wear Halloween clothes, is there any difference between that and masquardes? the devil know exactly what he is doing and we have to stop him.

FUNERALS; Some even use the temple of God for funeral occasions, they turn the house of God to a place to mourning the dead, lots of abomination now takes place in the church. Judgement is very real, we will all give account with all we've done even with the temple of God Almighty, For this reason let's make sure that the house of God becomes a place of Holiness and nothing more according to the will of God. Let's put to and end every forms of worldliness and things that do generate them in the house of God. Heaven and hell are so real, Let's always remember that whosoever defiles the temple of God, that God Himself would destroy. God bless you and please don't keep this to yourself alone, share with others..
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