Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pastor What KIND Of Message Are You Preaching To Your Members???

What Kind Of Messages Are You Pastors Preaching And What Kind Of Messages Are You Members Listening To???
By: Osamuede Edoigiawerie

The very reason for church from the beginning was for gathering of the believers, those that have given their lives to Jesus - the church was for them to fellowship, share with one another and be perfected. But today we now have mixed multitude primarily because some so-called worship centres look more like a social club owing to the dead messages from the pulpit!

In the Bible, from the old to the new testament, we are told that prophets, kings, priests, John the Baptist, Jesus, the apostles and all genuine servant of God as they spoke God's word with the unction of the Holy Spirit, the message cut into the heart of men, convicted of their sin and yearned for repentance and reconciliation with God!

On the night they recieved the Holy Spirit baptism after a powerful sermon by Peter, men began to ask, "what shall we do to be saved"! And 3,000 souls were converted and at another time, 5,000 souls where added to the church - no band or microphone or instruments but the Holy Ghost was in charge!

Today we have many gadgets, new technologies in the church for enhancement, pastors wearing suits (though not bad if they really do the work) and punching their ipads or Electronic Bible but we have a cold church!

Pastor deviated from the original plan God gave him, was called by men, the devil or his belly!

The Bible clearly told us that times will come when men will creep in unaware to teach and preach their own idealogies and philosophies thereby leading many captives. A situation where a pastor preaches, people are blowing whistles and running to spray money on the altar because they want to tap blessings! Some study the body of the congregation and begin to use psychology to motivate them in order not to offend them because, more money and gifts will come when the people are excited with many prophecies, entertainment programmes called revival programmes, with celebrities to give comedies and jokes - pastor makes money, members go to hell!

Instead of rebuking and preaching against sin, preaching God's anger and judgement against sin, telling them about heaven, hell, tribulation and things that will scare them into heaven. You dont even preach about the book of revelation and instead, divert to scriptures of claiming blessings - though all are in the Bible but God is more concerned about those that will make heaven because, blessings and miracles will pass away!

If you are such a pastor, repent and go to God for restoration - the sin of a leader is a leading sin! If one pastor fall or is in error and the people didnt take note, depending on his fame, hundreds and thousands will go to hell!
So repent and save these people because your punishment will be double in hell!

Members Have Their Own Parts To Play!!!

According to what God told Linda, many members are the cause of their pastor's fall. By giving undue reverence to these men, pride entered and the devil struck them. Jesus didn't allow some people call him title or names and sometimes he rebuked them when they tried to because, he knew their hearts. He even told the apostles to be servants to each other not to lord it over any one.
Any little issue they line up in the pastor's house, instead of going to God, calling the pastor Lord, mummy, daddy and other uncalled for names - it is good to honour your leader but don't flatter him or call him what you know he is not!

Apostle paul appreciated the Berean christians in the Bible because when they finished listening to a sermon, they go home to cross check it in their Bible - how many people still do that today? Instead, what you hear during message is shouting and when they get home, they throw their Bible where ever to pick it up again the next sunday.
During arguement with other christians, you hear them saying "my pastor said" (though it is not wrong to quote your pastor if what he said is right or scriptural but what if he said the wrong thing and you never bothered to check?).

Some compromise with their pastors by falsifying church documents, seducing, yeilding to and sleeping with them, covering their pastors sins, etc. Repent because hell is waiting to meet you.

When you find your self in a church where there is error - you can correct things though not all leaders take correction. Pray for the pastor, tell him or her what you observe and if no changes then, leave there to a church where they will help you make heaven because, some church will never change and they are just a coffin to hell!
Appreciate the pastors that preach the real truth undiluted, the message may be tough but it is for your own good - they are saving
your soul as well as theirs.


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