Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Was Once A SEX Addict - Rachel Haight

I Was Once A SEX Addict
By: Rachel Haight

I used to be a sex addict. I loved sex more than food. Sometimes I would need it 5 times a day. My life revolved around it. No man could satisfy me.
I had to have multiple men on a list or on stand by. Everything I did was some how related to getting a man and having sex.
BY THE GRACE OF GOD I HAVE BEEN SET FREE IN JESUS NAME. No more do I hunger for sex now I hunger for Jesus.
My life revolves around pleasing and obeying Jesus. I knew Jesus before but I never knew holiness.
My church told me as long as I believe in Jesus I am going to heaven. My pastor was aware of my problem and told me God will give me grace to over come.
Not until I watched the testimony of a women going to heaven and hell and have up makeup, jewelry, pants, and all the stuff that God hates was I set free.
TODAY I AM FREE INDEED. Now let's holds fast until the end. Pray for grace because its only by his grace and mercy will we make it through to the end.

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