Saturday, August 10, 2013

For The Attention Of The Nigerian Police Authorities

For The Attention Of The Nigerian Police Authorities

Prelude To The Nigerian Police:

* In Nigeria, 'to serve and to protect with integrity' is the Motto of The Nigerian Police Force but, Nigerians know how much integrity the Nigerian Police Officers command.
* In the neighbourhood, 'Police is your friend' is the sermon preached by the Nigerian Police but, we Nigerians know how 'truly friendly' the Nigerian Police Officers relates when dealing with us.
* At the Nigerian Police Stations and Police Posts, it is boldly written "Bail Is Free" but, Nigerians can attests that, this is nothing but a cover up, as bail from the Police Stations across the breadth and length of Nigeria are NEVER FREE.

By reason of a REVELATIONAL MESSAGE I got, which directly relates to the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Police authorities should as a matter of URGENCY commence the sanitisation of Men and Officers of the Force, in getting rid of bad eggs within the Command. This is very necessary due to the fact that, some bad eggs within the Police Command, are liaising with criminal elements in the society, to perpetrating havoc among the citizens and visitors to our great country Nigeria.
Apart from continuous verification of the credentials of Men and Officers of the Police Command, a constant, frequent and regular transfer exercise should be adopted in the Force. This will eventually break any established link with criminal elements in a particular place, thereby creating room for efficiency among Men and Officers wherever they may find their self.
Now, in the recent past, a Police Sergeant by name Chris Omeleze,
was caught on camera soliciting for bribe from a civilian. Here is the link to the video
Although the said offending officer has been dismissed from the Force according to this news this is just one fortunate situation that became public consumption among the hundreds of criminal cases involving Policemen and Officers of the command on a daily basis.

Today, Policemen mounting roadblocks have since been disbanded in Nigeria but, it is a public knowledge that roadblocks are still been mounted, where Men and Officers of the Force collects N20 to N100 from motorists and commuters. Agreed that there's so much corruption in Nigeria today but, the Police have a greater role to play in ensuring that the menace is tackled headlong.
Finally, I wish the faithful, humble and corrupt-free Police Officers good stead and God's guidance.
Thank you and God bless.
Long Live the Nigerian Police Force
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Lugard Osakpamwan Ekhator
End-Time Trumpeters: The Lord Is Coming Soon

You can contact the Nigerian Police Force through the following channels for crime prevention and control. Website:
Contact Address: Force Headquarters, Louis Edet House, Area 11 Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone Number: 07066228200