Friday, August 16, 2013

My Testimony Of God's Saving Grace

My Testimony Of God's Saving Grace
By: Emmanuel Okwuosha
Friday, 16th August, 2013.
I am Brother Emmanuel Okwuosha, I just want to share this testimony to the glory of God Almighty. To also encourage young believers that there’s no time left. Please be careful on what you are doing here on earth.
For me, it was just a grace and mercy from caring God. By now I could have been in hell if not for his mercy that find me. When I was very young between the age of 8 or 9 years, I find myself before the judgment seat and the Lord ask me to go that I did not please him. Then I started crying.
My Dad and Mum came where I was Sobering.According to them, they said I was crying so loud like someone that was in pain so they woke me up. So they asked me what happen and I told them what the Lord said to me. My Dad then warned me to be very careful that the Lord is not happy the way I was leaving my life.
So in my early twenty’s, the same thing happened again. I still find myself before the judgment seat and He told me the second time that, I did not please HIM. I started crying again and I pleaded with Him but He said NO that I did not Please him.
This time, I ensured that I am careful with whatever I do or say and abiding strictly to HIS instructions by HIS grace.
In 2005, November 25th, at my place of work, the LORD showed me how the last day will be in my sleep. It was late evening when I encountered HIS wondrous visit. The next thing I heard was a loud Voice and a Trumpet from above. I was more glad and I tried to look up to HEAVEN to see what was happening then, I saw HIM opening the cloud like a veil. And the cloud was giving way to HIS passage.
However, I couldn’t see HIS face because it was so bright and brighter than the sun. It was so glorious and illuminating. At this point, I knew the LORD is here for the saints. And I was shouting JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH. And after my fourth shout of JEHOVAH, I just got up. Glory to GOD!
My beloved readers, do you really know the most painful thing that can ever happen to a man in life? Some will say the most painful thing is poverty, Sickness, Death, Blindness, Deaf and so on and so forth.
I guess you may figure yours within these context but, I will tell you at the end of my story. Sure you will know better at the end when the question above is answered.
The bible says, we all have sinned and have come short of God‘s glory. By HIS grace, I am alive to testify HIS goodness and mercy upon my life. This is a true life story and is written to encourage us especially at this end time.
If I had died at the disgusting time sure brethren, I would have be in HELL FIRE!. I am so grateful for HIS LOVE that find me. Of a truth He is a merciful Father, mercy is HIS nature. He chastised those that He loves. I am one of those that HE loves and this is my greatest happiness.
In my early thirty’s, I used to drink alcohol. One day at my home relaxing, a question stroked my mind and I was so furious about the question. The question was: Suppose Jesus visit me now, can I entertain HIM with beer to drink which was my brand of alcohol? Then, I vehemently answered to myself NO! I cannot give YOU such to drink LORD. I immediately asked myself why are you drinking it then? I made a sharp turn and said never again will I drink any alcohol. That I promised my LORD.
About seven (7) to eight (8) months after which I quitted from the habit of drinking alcohol then the devil visited me with trial and a severe hardship. I lost my Job and life became difficult for me. The devil will always fight back when you drop any of his characteristic.
Glory to GOD! Hallelujah! GOD is good to be trusted at all times. Three (3) to four (4) months that I lost my job I persisted my trust on the LORD and HE settled me. He restored my job back to me. GOD is love for ever.
So, I got a call back from my company to resume work at Calabar. On my way from Warri, Delta State, back to resume the work which the LORD restored for me at Calabar, Cross River State, I had to pass a night at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, since the journey was quite far and it will be more stressful to embark on such a direct long distance journey.
So, on my way I called my elder Brother that I am coming to pass the night at his place in Port Harcourt but, he told me that he is not at Home that I should find somewhere else to sleep that night. So, I called a friend of mine who was working in Choba close to Port Harcourt. He also is leaving for offshore the next day. So he now asked me to come over and spend the night in his place.
When I got there, I met him with a girl in his apartment, meanwhile he is a married man. He requested that we should go out to relax somewhere. I accepted to go out with them. On getting there, he requested what brand of drink do you care for and I answered ‘bear’. I was offered bear. I opened the drink and about to drink it, I got a clear voice that said 'don’t try it'. I disobeyed because I didn’t know how to tell my friend that I won’t drink the bear again after I have fully accepted it. (I disobeyed, I disobeyed again. LORD HAVE MERCY)! So I drank it.
Suddenly, I noticed that something left me. He now introduced the girl as his girl friend. And I replied no problem. O my GOD! This is a great departure from GOD. When we got back to the house it was time to sleep. So, I knelt down to pray but I could not pray because I hard a Voice again that said to me 'did I not warn you not to take that drink'? So I was afraid to pray but only what I could say was God please have mercy.
Then I lay down and the next morning I continue my journey to Calabar, but I was very scared of accident because I knew that I was no longer save for HIS presence has departed from me. That was my thought all through the journey.
Moreso, I was afraid that if I die now I will definitely not going to make Heaven because of the disobedience to the voice that warned me.Lucky me I got to Calabar safely. This shows that God was still with me unknowingly. Although I got to the field safely but I became very sick that I couldn’t able to work in the field. I was totally empty and such was unable to rest in my cabin alone.
Therefore, I went to the common TV room where a Jerry Springer program was on the TV which was not even good for a Believer to watch and I sat down there watching the unbelievers. While there watching, a colleague came to informed me that this program is not good for me to watch. You know my response? I replied him what is your business? For the second time the same guy still came back about few minutes to warn me and asked me to stop watching it. At this time I bluntly ignored him. Then I didn’t know that God used him to warn me.
As soon as he left, my sickness got worse. Since I couldn‘t listen to him then my sickness forced me to my cabin. At my cabin the sickness got more severe and I was helpless on the bed until I passed away.
At this time that I died, I find myself at my home in Warri. I was with My wife and my little daughter. I tried to carry my baby girl but was unable to do so. I was talking to my lovely wife but she couldn’t hear me any more. I started crying. Since my wife couldn’t hear me even when I was telling the cause of my death, I was regretting this is how I missed HEAVEN. I was just there looking at my wife and my Little Daughter who were not seeing me and I was just crying in pain. Suddenly, I heard a very fainting Voice that say to me ‘you can still make it back to life’.
I told GOD that if only HE can bring me back to life that I will stand before two Churches in Port Harcourt and Warri to confess my sins which will end with rolling on the floor with water. Immediately saying this Lo and behold I gained my Life back. I did exactly what I promised the LORD in both Port Harcourt and Warri. I was delighted that GOD forgave me and the confession made most congregation crying towards repentance of their holding guilt in Port Harcourt.
In Warri, the Pastor told me that God has ministered to him that HE has forgiven me and that I should go and win souls for HIM. I guess you can now answer my question at the early reading of this script. ‘The most painful thing in life’. It is death without CHRIST.
Brethren, I feel real life joy, boldness and confidence in the LORD now. HE gave me sufficient grace to do the work of the ministry. I believe this script has given you insight of the trauma in life without CHRIST.
How is your relationship with GOD? Are you still living your life the way you want it? JESUS LOVES you even till now. HE is calling you to deliver you from the pit of HELL. It is a wise decision to accept and embrace HIM.
Brethren HEAVEN at last to all of us! This is my earnest desire.
Love you all readers and stay blessed.
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