Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Hunter Became The Hunted

The Hunter Became The Hunted

Posted By: Brother Cletus Ujah
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Please read this story.
A story was told of a man who needed power desperately from his village juju priest, who specialised in curing people with snake bites, power to pick up any kinds of snake alive and also make people to disappear in case of any form of accident. This man approached the juju priest to get all the power mentioned above.
The priest told the man to bring a white cock and a tuber of yam as part of the initiation. The man got everything the priest required the two proceeded to a shrine in the forest.
The priest roasted the yam, dipped it in palm oil, and he picked the cock to be slaughtered. However, the noise from the cock attracted a cobra that lived nearby the shrine. The juju man sighted the cobra from a distance and took to his heels with a great speed with the cock in his hand. The cobra started pursuing him.

The man who was ignorant of what was going on asked the juju priest who is an older man, "baba, why are you running?" The baba answered "can't you see a very big snake chasing me?"
The man who was full of surprises saw the snake between him and the baba. So he asked the baba again "but you have the power to catch any kinds of snake alive, now why are you running away?"

By this time, the baba looked back and saw the snake still following him, he threw the cock away in order to increase his speed. He then told the man "if you like stay there.  If you are bitten by that snake, I don't have any power to cure you. If you like stay behind, as for me I am gone."

Meanwhile, the people that were returning from their farms saw how this old man was running at that speed, and without asking questions they joined the race with the old man leading, except one born again Christian.

With that speed, the old crashed on the door to his room, he collapsed and finally fainted in his room. When he was revived with plenty of water, he told the people that gathered around him that in his life time, he never run a race like that.
He said that what he respected most became his worst enemy and that the person he hated most (the born again Christian) in the village who always come early in the morning to condemn idol worshipping, became his saviour because as soon as the snake saw the born again Christian, it stood still and without lifting a stick, he commanded the snake to die in the name of Jesus and it was so. He then picked up the dead snake to show the baba who confessed and gave his life to Jesus Christ immediately.

Are you in these categories, Isaiah 44:9-11 said they that make a graven image are all of them vanity and their delectable things shall not profit, and they are their own witnesses. They see not nor know that they may be ashamed. Verse 11 behold all his fellows shall be ashamed and the workmen, they are of men, let them all be gathered together. Let them stand up, yet they shall fear and shall be ashamed together.

That Juju that you put in your pocket under your pillow, in your car, around your waist, and in your stomach. Those things you believed so much on other than Jesus, it will not save you when you needed it most.