Saturday, March 15, 2014

Testimony Of How I Encountered Christ - Ezeonu Chimuanya


By: Ezeonu Chimuanya
Before I proceed, I will like to sing a song.
I do them no more, since I give my life to Jesus, I do them no more, praise God I do them no more…..
We are five in our family, 2 girls and 3 boys. I am the first son, and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ in September 2012, at a youth conference that was held and organized by Brother Shalom Onwuka.
He is a lecturer at Unizik, and I really thank God for him. He is a youth minister; he has zero tolerance for sin and worldliness. He is only interested in winning souls to the kingdom of God, reviving the youths and churches, preparing saints for the Lord's return. He has no time for prosperity, motivational, fried rice, and chicken and salad messages. My prayer for him is that God will uphold him till the end. May he never miss his reward in heaven. May God grant him more grace to move on in Jesus name amen.
As a young boy when I was still in the world, I love telling lies. In fact, I am a professional in telling lies.
I loved football more than any other thing. I can even die for football. I would prefer to watch football on Sunday rather than going to church on Sunday. Manchester United was my club as of then and it gives me a lot of joy to watch them play. I nearly ran mad for football. I was so much addicted in watching and playing football. As a fan of Manchester United, I knew all the history about Man U, I know all the names of their players, both the ones on loan. But I thank God that finally, I am delivered from that wicked instrument called football that the enemy is using to cage majority of our youth, even the married ones are also involved.
I was a notorious criminal though I like to pretend as a gentle boy. When I was still with my brother, he thought I was a good boy, not knowing that I was a ravening wolf in sheep clothing. My brother trusted me as his own brother, not knowing that I am a slow poison that kills faster than acid. I usually assist him in his business because he taught I was with him, not knowing that I am a devourer. I was allowed to handle money, which gave me access to steal every blessed day. I was a real terrible boy as I would pretend as if I knew nothing, but I was really a lion, though in the shop everything is recorded, but as a smart guy, I know how to play it cool.
As a young boy I loved girls so much. I was in a bad company as a young guy and this was one of the things I ever regretted. No wonder Jehovah said in 1 Corinthians 15:33- “don't be misled, bad company corrupt good manners.” To be frank, I never knew pornography exists, until I came across one guy that told me he loves seeing naked women, and what he does throughout the night is to search and watch naked women online. He then introduced a porn site to me. I visited the site and when it opened, it was all about naked women and sex. Since then, I lost control of myself and started lusting after girls. I usually spend a lot of time searching and watching pornographic films online and this corrupted my thought so badly.
I was really addicted to watching naked women, as I always enjoyed watching it to the extent that, I can't live each day without watching it. I would starve myself just to save money for pornography. My heart- thought was totally damaged as a result of pornography, it really damaged a lot in me.
Also, I loved playing worldly music. Leaving worldly music was one of the challenges I had when I gave my life to Jesus, but I thank God for showing me mercy in September 2012, at a youth conference where I surrendered everything to Jesus, including watching pornography, playing worldly music and others. But the issue of pornography was like an impossible task for me to overcome, because I was already addicted to it. My heart was already polluted, and so I backslided many times as a result of pornography. I tried all I could but to no avail. The battle of overcoming the lust of the flesh and watching pornography seems impossible to me because each time I tried to overcome it, the more I see myself watching it. I nearly gave up the battle. I thought I would never triumph over pornography, and the addiction of pornography is like a prison without any door, no way to escape.
So, while I was still struggling with the issue of pornography, a voice said to me ‘don't give up’. I usually cried to God for deliverance because I have been attending revival programmes seeking for deliverance, but no result. I even told one evangelist about it, though he prayed for me, and yet no result. It takes heaven to deliver me. Thereafter, God showed me a revelation of rapture, and I also listened to Sister Linda's message. Since then, I lost interest in pornography, all praises to God. Since then, God has been helping me.
That was how I was delivered, but that's not all. I also made a covenant with my hands, eyes. I started to withdraw from some certain things and now I am totally free praise God hallelujah.