Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Is Really Wrong With The So Called Christians Today?

What Is Wrong With The So Called Christians Today?

A friend of mine sent me this handbill, which a supposed lady, a reverend pastor, whose husband is a pastor too, gave him to invite him for a church program. According to him, after collecting the handbill from the lady pastor and checking the contents of the handbill, he asked her this question. "Looking at the way you are dressed in this handbill, what do you expect me to learn from your preaching"? He said the lady pastor became annoyed with him for asking such a question. Now brethren, look at this picture very well. Does this lady pastor actually look like someone that have encountered Jesus Christ at all? What message does such a person have to preach, which will convict sinners of their sin? Why are today's Christians looking like whore? May the Almighty God destroy the spirit of Jezebel out of His church in Jesus name. Amen.