Saturday, November 2, 2013

Christians And Business Operations

Christians And Business Operations

Romans 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

There's an error and a grave danger which I have been observing within some so called Christian businessmen and women, as it relates particularly to the sales of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages by them.
Sometimes ago, I called my elder sister, who though a Christian (by virtue of belonging to a particular church denomination) but still sell alcoholic beverages, especially beer till date, to warn her of the evil in what she is selling. She gave me an excuse that, although she knew it was wrong for a supposed Christian to be selling such things, but she said it is not what she can stop immediately, that, it is going to take gradual process. She also said that, should she forego the sales of beer now, the rest of her provision business will not turn in good gain again. What a lie of the devil!

You man, woman out there that claim to be a Christian, and you operates  your business in a kiosk, a shop, in the market or anywhere else and you still sell cigarettes, kaikai (Sapele water), beer, burukutu (Hausa gin), weewee, cocaine, tobacco, and all other smoking stuff and alcoholic beverages including some medical substance, YOU ARE NEVER A CHRISTIAN, YOU ARE JUST A CHURCH GOER AND A DENOMINATIONAL CAPTIVE. Stop your devil business now and embrace Christ Jesus, in total repentance from your sin.

People, stop bringing cursed money to the house of God. No wonder there's no longer answered prayers in the churches of today because, you people have defiled and polluted the holy alter of Jesus with your cursed money.

Pastor, you that is accepting these cursed money in the name of tithes, offerings, thanksgiving, first fruit, pledge, donations, and other financial avenues you created to collect the forbidden things in the church of Jesus Christ, God will harshly judge you shortly, except you repent and warn these defilers to repent too, otherwise, you will lose your soul to hell fire.

You that is jubilanting and jumping up and down because your pastor collected your damned offering and pronounces blessings on you, you are being cursed by your pastor and not a blessing at all. Repent now as you have no excuse today.
Remember, if you die right now with these dirty things in your hands, you will certainly miss heaven, as hell fire will become your abode. Repent now to avoid hell fire.

Some of you are saying that, in as much as you are not smoking or drinking these dirty things yourself, that you are free. Sorry to disappoint you! God is seeing you as a smoker and a drunkard, due to the pleasure (selling) you have in it.

Cigarettes and all alcoholic beverages are AN UNCLEAN THINGS, which the Almighty God warned us never to touch before He can receive us as His own sons and daughters 2 Corinthians 6:17-18.

Will you obey His voice today?
Examine yourself now.
God bless you all.