Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Pastors Are Today Devouring The Sheep Of God Instead Of Feeding Them

Some Pastors Are Today Devouring The Sheep Of God Instead Of Feeding Them

Paul says "For I know this, that after my departing (death) shall grievous wolves (wicked pastors) enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them." Acts 20:29-30.

But the assignment to the good pastors by our LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, the owner of the church before departing this world was "Feed my lambs" (young Christians) John 21:15, "Feed my sheep" (matured Christians) John 21:16-17, with the word of truth Ephesians 1:13.
JESUS CHRIST had to repeat "Feed my sheep" twice to the pastors because if you are deceived as a grown up Christian and fall, you may never have the chance to repent again Hebrews 6:4-6, compared to the young Christian who is just growing up in the LORD. May the LORD open your understanding today in JESUS name. Amen.


Yesterday Sunday, 20th July, 2014,
When I returned from the church service, I was watching the TV and this pastor was preaching in Messiah Channel on MyTV, Pastor Obuks M. Akpene, president and Senior Pastor of Power of Life World Outreach a.k.a. Polwo Ministries, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.

He said people are asking him "Why are women in your church opening their hair? Why are they wearing trousers? Why are they wearing jewelry?"
In fact, he abused people that have divine revelations and encounters, mocking them that they now dream, claim to die and return back to tell you how you should dress as a Christian, etc. I was really grieved in my spirit to hear the wicked things this pastor was saying all in the name of preaching.

In fact, he said a woman that wears trousers know that she is going to heaven because she has the witness of the Holy Spirit in her that she is a child of GOD. What a deception! This Pastor Obuks was saying this to deceive his members because that is what they are using in his church, making them to be very comfortable in their sins that the heart is all that mattered in Christianity.

I do really wonder if this pastor Obuks and his likes truly serves GOD whom they claimed to be serving! Do these pastors know GOD'S WORD at all?
Paul said, "For ye are bought with a price: THEREFORE GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR BODY, AND IN YOUR SPIRIT, which are God's" 1 Corinthians 6:18.
Friend, if you allow pastors like this to deceive you and you die in your sins without repentance and find yourself in hell fire, you will only have yourself to blame.

I then sent him an email telling him that no woman wearing trousers in his church will ever make it to heaven, no matter how holy and righteous they claimed to be in their hearts according to his sermon to them. I am patiently awaiting his reply.

Do let me know please in your comments.

Here is pastor Obuks Facebook Page
His church website

Dear sister,
If you are there still wearing trouser as a woman, opening your hair why ministering as a woman, painting your body with makeup, fixing weavon and attachment, using any type of jewelries on your body, please repent now and destroy these Jezebel properties because you will never MISS HELL FIRE should you die with these things. Your pastors are deceivers because they don't tell you that you will never make heaven with these things. They are only interested in your money they usually collect from you in the name of tithes and offerings.
Please these your pastors hates you. They are telling you lies so that your soul will be damned in hell fire when you die. Please amend your ways now.

Today is the day of salvation. Please don't go to hell because it is a punishment kingdom for everlasting life.

The ball is in your court!!!
God bless you.