Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Cry For Help

A Cry For Help

Please brethren particularly those from Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Nigeria,
A brother who GOD directed to me last night in His own way is in need of a job urgently.
He called to asked me if I was a member of a secret cult so that I can show him how to join too.

I told him that I belonged to JESUS and I then preached to him that all he needed is JESUS first, and every other things will fall in place because he was determine to join a secret cult for money. He listened to me with keen interest while I was preaching to him, promising him that I will ask from my friends if there's any way to assist him in getting a job.

By the grace of GOD he is a Welder by profession, though without any higher educational qualification. He told me he used to do some work in contract but it is over now and he is doing nothing, hence his frustration that makes him to think of joining any secret cult to earn a living.

Please brethren, this soul must not be lost to Satan for anything.
Therefore if you are an employer of labour and you can assist to help this brother out of joblessness, or you can help to ensure that he gets a job so soon, heaven shall reward you greatly. Do get back to me please so that the details of the brother will be provided.

As you are doing this, please remember to keep this brother in your prayers that the Almighty GOD will save his soul completely.

This is my cry for help now.
GOD bless you all.