Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Was Asked To Bring A Mad Woman Menstruation For Rituals By Illuminati Secret Cult – Member Confessed

I Was Asked To Bring A Mad Woman Menstruation For Rituals By Illuminati Secret Cult – Member Confessed

When I woke up this morning Thursday, 16th January, 20014, I saw a Ghana phone number on my phone as missed call. I never heard when the phone was ringing but my wife said the phone only rang once and off, so she didn’t bother to wake me up. As soon as this was established, I decided to flash the number and it rang, but the person never called back again and I left for the office. The fellow got my number from my blog because, I am preaching against illuminati secret cult.

At exactly 09:07AM, the number called again and this time, I was already in the office. We talked for 2 minutes and 25 seconds on the phone.
So, he mentioned his name (I can’t remember now) and said he was calling from Ghana. He now said he was calling as a result of what they asked him to supply. I now asked what is the thing? He then said, they asked to provide the menstruation of a mad woman for the rituals.

At this juncture, I then asked, who exactly do you want to speak with? He said the master. I now asked ‘do you mean illuminati master?’ he said yes. At this point, I busted into laughter. I told him that illuminati is devilish. Illuminati is bad and that he does not need those dirty things for anything all.

I told him I am a Christian and that I am preaching against illuminati secret cult. I asked him to surrender his life to jesus Christ and come out of the illuminati secret cult. He now said ok. So we ended the call.
Devil, you are very wicked! Dear illuminati members, even if you amass wealth all over the world and you become very famous before you will die, you will end up in hell fire if you people fail to renounce your membershiop of illuminati secret cult, and accept Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and SAVIOUR today.

Now, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, irrespective of the secret cult society you may belong, please, say this prayer with me now.

Lord Jesus
I come to you today just as I am
I am a sinner
Please forgive me my sins especially my initiation to secret cult societies
I am very sorry about it O LORD
Wash me clean in your precious blood today
I declare that I am save now
As I renounce every of my association with any secret societies in the world today
I destroy every concoction in my system with the blood of Jesus
I erase my names from any evil record holding my biography in any secret society in the world today by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name
Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy every forces that may be sent against me by reason of my dissociation from all forms of secret societies in Jesus name
Thank you LORD God Almighty
In Jesus mighty name I have prayed

If you said the above prayers of confession and acceptance, congratulations. I welcome you into the family of Jesus Christ. I assure you, should you continue with Jesus Christ against any other thing else, you will make heaven at death or in the rapture of the saints. Amen.
Please, look for a bible believing, teaching and practicing church in your area and become a member, so that you will learn more about Jesus Christ.

However, I welcome you to Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide, a non denominational Christian ministry pursuing total holiness, righteousness and obedience to the word of God. Go to Facebook and search for a chapter of your country and you will be directed on how to locate one.

God bless you.