Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Wonderful Testimony Is Loading!!! Hallelujah To God In The Highest! Amen


Before I will go further, please join me to sing this song to the glory of God the Father, through Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen.

He's a miracle working God X2
He's the Alpha and Omega
He's a miracle working God
Miracle worker....... Continue singing to the glory of God. Hallelujah!

On Thursday, 16th January, 2014, I posted about a man that called me from Ghana
Ever since I talked with him that day, I decided to establish a friendship with him, so that I can present Jesus Christ to him to deliver him from the pit of hell fire, which Satan was pushing him into. I had sent him two text messages just telling him, a friend of his in Nigeria cares for his soul. He hasn't reply though.

Now, when I published the post on Facebook, a friend in my list commented that 'I should do away with him'. Another one said 'I should first confirm from God before I will start preaching' to this fellow the devil was terribly determined to destroy in hell fire. Yet, another one said 'I should watch my back' as if I was going into committing some heinous crimes.

Brethren, I was devastated to see how shallow and selfish some supposed Christians can be. Their own idea of Christianity is that, once you are saved, you surely have nothing to do with the sinners in the world anymore even though our Master, Jesus Christ gave us a command to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God to 'every creature' Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19-20. They also forgot that, curse is everyone that fails to preach the gospel 1 Corinthians 9:16. May God deliver them from their selfishness in Jesus name. Amen.

Graciously, most of my friends that commented on the post on Facebook encouraged and strengthened my hands through their prayers, giving me confidence in buying into my cause. Our LORD Jesus Christ will meet you all at the points of all your desires in Jesus Mighty name I pray. Amen. Hallelujah!

Here Is The Purpose Of This Post.

To the glory of God in the Highest, and to the shame of Satan and his wicked demonic and human agents, my Ghana friend called me again this morning Saturday, 18th January, 2014. Guess what he said? He said 'Thank you'.
He said he really appreciate my advice to him over the phone. He said he is going to tell me everything through text messages. Looking at the restrictions to composing SMS on phones, I suggested if he can do that over email. Though he has email but he said he will be doing it through SMS. He is talking about his confessions of illuminati secret cult asking him to present a mad woman menstruation for rituals.

Judging from his tone on the phone, my good friend looked very calm and compose. Hallelujah! I had earlier declared that this my good Ghana friend didn't call my number by accident, but that Jesus directed him to me because his soul was too precious for Satan to damn in hell fire. Today, I am grateful to God that the work of salvation has started with him now. Amen.

Therefore, after ending the call, all I could do was to lift up my hands to God in appreciation for what HE has started. I rolled on the floor in thanksgiving to the Most High God that ordered the footsteps of this friend to me. May HIS name alone be exalted forever in Jesus name. Amen.

Dear friends, the bigger work has started now. Please, put my friend in prayers that this testimony that have started will never be stalled. Please, pray that no demonic forces will be able to stop him from meeting with Jesus. The process of his redemption that have started must be completed in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

To God indeed be all the glory.