Friday, January 17, 2014

Christians Wake Up Now And Win Souls For Jesus Christ!!! Satan Is Not Resting Too!!


In Mark 16:15, the bible declared And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. But most of you are now preaching yourselves and your churches, while Satan and his illuminati secret cult is busy winning souls for the kingdom of hell fire. What a shame!

Imagine Nelson, a semi illiterate (based on his comments) and a January 2014 initiator to the wicked illuminati secret cult, preaching to his friend DAMIANO, to come and be initiated into the illuminati cult. Can you imagine that 31 of them got initiated this January, 2014, with a boast of overflowing money within two weeks, even though they will end up in hell fire. Brethren, these souls must be set free from the hands of Satan in Jesus name. Amen.

Child of God, wake up from your slumber now and start the aggressive evangelism of winning souls for the kingdom of God because, this is the primary reason that Jesus saved you from your sins. Instead of preaching the word, majority of you are arguing with one another on the internet over some bible teachings, and others are preaching their church, denominations, wealth, prosperity without working, prophesying unending prophecies, performing questionable miracles, building the biggest auditorium for earthly minded Christians, acquiring lands and properties across the world, cruising on private jets and porch cars and living a luxurious lifestyle, the devil on the other hand is busy sending souls to hell fire every seconds with the enticement of money and prosperity, even direct from the pulpit. My God!
May the revival fire of true evangelism burst out now all over the world in Jesus name. Amen.

I post this for the shame of all the Christians throughout the whole world, who have totally lost their primary assignment and responsibility of preaching the message of the kingdom of God for the salvation of the souls of sinners, for the mundane things of this world. Have you forgotten what the bible declared to you in 1 John 2:15-17; James 4:4; Matthew 6:24; Romans 12:2 and Galatians 1:10? Woe is you should you people fail to win souls for the kingdom of God 1 Corinthians 9:16.

See this comment below unedited (except the phone numbers and email address) made by Nelson today Friday, 17th January, 2014, on my blog post with the title: Ritualists And Ritual Killings For The Fame And Possession Of Wealth
Dont expect me to publish it anyway. This is just for your record that Satan is not resting from sending souls to hell fire. So, why should you be tired of winning souls for heaven? Wake up now and fight!!!

Here is Nelsons comment as I received it on my email today 17th January, 2014.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "RITUALISTS AND RITUAL KILLINGS FOR THE FAME AND PO...":


HELLO, my name is nelson, i want to say a big thanks to lord absolute, for giving me the
privilege, opportunity and helping me to become a powerful member of a Illuminati
brotherhood. i have been looking for this opportunity all this while but all to know are vain. i have not see the right person that we make me a powerful member of the Illuminati brotherhood... until this December my friend that base in U.K, travel back home for this new year celebration, and i make him to know my in-tension of becoming a member of the
Illuminati, and he told me that of recent LORD MASTER in [U.K], have sent one of his powerful
and trusted member to initiate people in Africa who want to join the Illuminati society and my friend gave me the web_sit which i can be able to contact lord absolute, and immediately i
got the email ; and the phone number, +23480584-----
+23481463----- quickly i called him and he instructed me on what to do which i did right away. believed in me, me that was poor in December 2013, Suprisely January 2014 i started counting million within the range of 2 weeks my life change.
why i paste this on the internet is because of my good friend DAMIANO, i have not seen him
again, both of us suffer was scam on the internet by internet Scammers. please DAMIANO
anywhere you are called me with that my number is still going so that i can take you to LORD ABSOLUTE, or you called him on this phone number +23481463----- +23480584-----.... fast LORD ABSOLUTE is real an Illuminati member.. we are 31 people he just initiated this first
week of January and all of us are rich now, we are going to U.K, next week now for Illuminati
batphoment..... DAMIANO TRY AND CALLED THOSE NUMBERS i don t think we are going to see before i travel to U.K...... IS BECAUSE OF YOU I PUT THIS ON THE INTERNET, don t allow others people to take advantage of it before you ok,, because you are a true friend
...................bye NELSON.

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