Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Uniting Against Boko Haram Terrorists Operations In Nigeria

Uniting Against Boko Haram Terrorists Operations In Nigeria

Dear Nigerians, especially the Christian community,
The scourge of violence, deaths, wicked practices and atrocities, being perpetrated against the Nigerian state and her people by the terrorists Boko Haram insurgents, is war on humanity.

To win this war against terrorism, all Nigerians irrespective of religious, political or ethnic affiliations must be united under one purpose against this monster called Boko Haram.

The circle that is giving these terrorists upper hand as it stands now against the Nigerian state and her people, is the religious sentiments that we Southern Christians in Nigeria have introduced to this disastrous phenomenon, claiming the lives of defenceless and innocent Nigerians from time to time, without any form of provocation especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Another fertile ground promoting the wickedness of Boko Haram terrorists is the incrimination of their devilish activities in calling them Muslims by the Christian community. We can attest to their wicked activities so far due to the fact that we refused to see them who and what they are - terrorists.

Therefore, until we all the Nigerian people whether Christians or Muslims start to address these vampires called Boko Haram the terrorists they are, we may be here calling them Muslims and they will keep on bombing the land unresisted, because we've refused to use our head.

The Boko Haram insurgents are not Muslims but pure terrorists, who are bent on destroying this country called Nigeria, hiding under Islam in carrying out their monstrous wickedness against the Nigerian state.

We all must join hands with the government to smoke them out of their hiding places among the citizens of this nation. After all, they lived within the people, and they are children of some individuals in the society.

Your silence is an approval of their wickedness against the Nigerian state, which had resulted in the killing of school children in Yobe State, kidnapping of the over 200 school girls in Chibok, the twin bombings of Nyanya in Abuja, and now the wanton destruction in Terminus, Jos, Nigeria, amongst several other wicked things they've been doing against all Nigerians since 2010, in bombing churches, Mosque, schools, markets, barracks, banks, eateries, razing down villages and rural/urban settlements with fire.

Nigerians, are we going to sit down, fold our hands and feel unconcerned, watch and see these terrorists Boko Haram people wipe out this nation with their bombs?

The people they've been killing are Nigerians, which cut across religion, political, ethnic or tribal divide, hence we all must be united against this evil merchants of death called Boko Haram terrorists in our midst today. Remember, evil thrives when good people do nothing.

Put your religion, political or ethnic affiliations behind you, and join hands with the government to deliver this nation from the impending disaster that the Boko Haram terrorists are plotting.

Speak against their demonic operations, expose their financiers you may know to law enforcement agencies in the land, give the Police and the Military the needed support in order to win this war against terrorism.

Above all, remember to pray for Nigeria, that God Almighty will rain fire and brimstone from heaven against every evil doers promoting the spate of violence, terrorism, killings, kidnapping, armed robbery, private & public corruption, ritual operations, embezzlement, rigging, aiding and abetting of evil practices against Nigeria and Nigerians.

Until we all remember to know that Nigeria does not belong to the Christians or to the Muslims, but to Nigerians and join hands together in unity to prevent her from shattering, we may bid farewell to her continuous unity soon, due to the unabating menace of terrorism against her by the demonic Boko Haram insurgents in the North.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.