Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Randy Pastor Impregnates Six Married Women In His Church

Everyday, we hear of rape, battling of wife/husband, suicide, killings and other social ills happening among sinners (unregenerated souls) in the society but, when a supposed Pastor of a church, becomes a rapist, while molesting both married, unmarried and young women/girls in their sex boot called church, it leaves you to reason why there are more churches today than the suppose Christians.
Many of these churches and their self centered pastors are 'agents' of darkness, who are actually recruited by the devil their master, to enlarge the kingdom of hell fire. This is more of the reason these days that, the churches no longer preach on repentance and obedience to the word of God but, a sermon of 'it does not matter' is what is reigning among these fake pastors.
Therefore, the truth we are preaching here is a RAW truth, whereby we don't look faces before saying the truth. I beg you in the name of the Lord, if you still belong to the churches of these prosperity preachers you called your 'daddys and mummys', please, run from their churches because, they are surely taking you to HELL FIRE with them.
God bless you as you read this shameful news of these fake pastors.

Randy Pastor Impregnates 6 Married Women In His Church

"What he did is just disgraceful and a person like him could not be allowed to be part of a religious institution because what he did goes against all that Christianity stands for. Some members were threatening to beat him up but they were restrained by the church elders."
The Pastor of Faith Ministries, a church in the Matobo District of Matabeleland South, has been expelled after he impregnated six married women who were members of his church.

Pastor Derek Ngulube was shown the red card by the church's elders last month bringing to an end his reign of sexual terror. Pastor Ngulube is reported to have impregnated the six within a period of one year.

His antics were brought to light after a visiting Pastor prophesied that there was an elder within the church who is in the habit of bedding married women. After a 'witch hunt', it was established that Pastor Ngulube was the elder who had been fingered in the prophecy.

A source said on being questioned, Pastor Ngulube opened up and said he was indeed the one fingered in the prophecy. "He tried to deny the allegation but later came back to his senses and said he was the one in the prophecy," said the source.

It is reported that Pastor Ngulube also revealed that all the women he had bedded fell pregnant. On hearing the news, the church's elders were left with no choice but to expel him.

The source said that the husbands of the women that Ngulube claimed to have impregnated were summoned by the church's elders and had the shameful news broken to them.

Contacted for comment, Pastor Ngulube said he was sorry. "I feel bad and I want to say I am very sorry for what I did. If I could be given another chance I wouldn't repeat the mistake. I also welcome the punishment that the church leaders gave me."