Friday, June 7, 2013

Do You Belong To Any Secret Society? Repent Now!!

Do You Belong To Any Secret Society? Repent Now!!
Any association with any form of secret societies or cult is devilish, and will lead you to hell fire, if you fail to repent from it before the day of your death.
You must not only repent from them, you must equally renounce them to show your true state of repentance. You must also burn any regalia or paraphernalia you were given at your initiation to those satanic cult groups.
Now, if you are a member or, you belong to any of these occultic group(s):-

* Ogboni fraternit 

* The Knights Templar

* Skull and Bones

* Freemasons

* Thule Society

* The Bilderberg Group

* Rosicrucians(AMORC)

* Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn

* Ku Klux Klan

* Vril Society

* Illuminati

* Opus Dei

* The Fenians

* Ordo Templis Orientis

* The Black Hand

* The Priory of Sion
* Krypteia

* Majestic 12

*Daughters of Jezebel
* Black-bra
* Black Berets
* Woman Brassier(brave)
* Pink Lady
* Amazons
* White Angels
* Lady of Rose
* Red devils
* Sisterhood of Darkness
*Brotherhood of Darkness etc, you must repent now because, you are walking into hell fire with all your senses.
People of God, Jesus has already paid the supreme price for your redemption, by dying on the Cross of Calvary for you Luke 23:33. He is the only acceptable sacrifice for sin 1 John 2:2. He paid for your redemption with his own precious blood Acts 20:28. So, why do you allow Satan to deceive you with wealth, protection, fame, power, vain glory etc and damned you for eternity in hell fire? Revelation 20:10.
Satan is a very wicked foe, who knows that, hell fire was created for him and his angels (demons) alone Matthew 25:41 but, want you to rebel against God your creator, so as to end up in hell fire just like him forever Psalms 9:17. Renounce Satan and all his wicked activities today 2 Corinthians 4:2 and give your life to Jesus Christ, for the salvation of your soul Romans 10:9, so that you will go to heaven if you die now Luke 23:43.
I want to assure you that, Jesus Christ loves you Mark 10:21a, and he is waiting to welcome you now into his prepared mansions in heaven John 14:3.
How many of there are ready to renounce your secret societies and accept Jesus Christ, as your own personal Lord and Saviour? If you are ready, Jesus is ready to receive and welcome you to his kingdom.
Say this prayer with me now and Jesus will save you:
Dear Lord Jesus
I come to you a sinner
Please, forgive me all my sins
Wipe my name out of the book of death
And write them in the book of life
I accept you today as my personal Lord and personal Saviour
I now surrender to you all my life
I thank you because you have forgiven me all my sins
I am now born again
I am washed in the precious blood of Jesus Christ
I renounce all my association with secret cults
I renounce my membership to all secret cults
I cut every link between me and the devil by the blood of Jesus Christ
I break every agreement I entered with the devil by the blood of Jesus Christ
You demonic personality in me, die by fire in Jesus name.
Every mark of the devil in my body, I erase you right now by the blood of Jesus Christ.
You familiar spirit that took hold of my affairs as a result of my initiation to these occultic groups, die by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.
I declare my freedom in Christ Jesus.
I declare my liberty in the name of Jesus Christ.
I claim my sonship in Christ Jesus.
I am free in Jesus name.
Thank you Father, thank you Son, thank you Holy Spirit, for bringing me to your folds today. Amen.
If you have said the above prayers, I congratulate you. You are now a member of God's own family. Please, find a bible believing and practicing church around you to attend, as this will aid your spiritual growth and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you. Hallelujah!