Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hell Fire Bound Christian Dressing

Hell Fire Bound Christian Dressing
The rate at which supposed Christians are dressing today only shows the level of 'indecency' and hunger for the 'world' system that have taken over the church. The matter is more worse when our pastors, who are supposed to be 'shepherds' are the ones encouraging this nakedness in their churches.
Many female Christians today does not regard wearing half naked clothes as sin, let alone a woman wearing trousers. Many male Christians are 'unconcern' in wearing decent clothing hence, their trousers sagging to their churches. The church have truly lost its focus and have been taken over by the world affairs.
Our pastors have failed and thereby abandoned their calling for their filthy lucre and self centred egos. They are today preaching prosperity, driving flashing/luxurious cars and priding themselves as 'Private Jets' owners whereas, they (pastors) and their flocks they are preaching and coaching are hell bound. Please God, deliver your 'true' children from their grips.
No wonder singer and film actress, Cossy Orjiakor, who is best described as 'boob show' (breast hawker)
accused our pastors in a recent interview saying 'she is better than some pastors', even when her dressing was basically from hell fire. What a let down! According to her, What’s the difference between I that love to show off my cleavage (boobs) and the pastors that love to show off their flashy cars and private jets? I think I’m better off because with the economic situation, lots of stress and all, some can channel their frustrations and some people can get relieved at the sight that makes them forget the terrible situation”.
See 'boobs' displaying pictures of Cossy Orjiakor below.
N.B. Pictures removed for better position as a TRUE Christian Blog.

May God deliver the heaven bound flocks from the grip of these compromising and prosperity pastors/preachers in Jesus name, amen.
So, if you see yourself still dressing like one of these pictures below or, your best dress is worldly attire, or you are using make-up, know that you are hell fire bound.
Therefore, let the light of God shine in your heart and repent of your indecent and worldly dressing nature/habit and God will receive you. Please, don't die with these dresses because, you will surely miss HEAVEN. God bless you.