Monday, June 17, 2013

Express Tickets To Hell Fire

Express Tickets To Hell Fire:
Please, my people of God, if you are still partaking and doing the under listed, note that, you have EXPRESS TICKETS TO HELL FIRE in your hands. Please, don't go to hell fire.
Please, find all possible avenue to repent from them now because, you can't tell when your death will call on you.
I beg you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, please don't die with them because, they will take you STRAIGHT through the broad way to hell fire. May this never be your portion today in Jesus name amen.

* Idol worship
* Suicide
* Lesbian
* Homosexual
* Lies
* Bribe giving
* Bribe taking
* 419
* Kidnapping
* Armed robbery
* Jewelries
* Kick back
* Record falsification
* Assassin
* Boyfriend
* Girlfriend
* Divorce
* Tattoo
* Skimping dress
* Smoking
* Drunk
* Masturbation
* Woman wearing trousers
* Attachment
* Perming of hair
* Weavon
* Hatred
* Unforgiveness
* Back biting
* Embezzlement
* Cheating
* Abortions
* Drug addicts
* Violence etc.

People of God, hell fire stinks, in total darkness despite the burning flame, very awful and a horrible place, which was originally created for the devil and his angels. If you by your carelessness go to hell fire, you will surely regret your existence on earth.
Any person that have died and whose soul have gone to hell fire, no longer have any chance of redemption, mercy or forgiveness but, you who is still having the breathe of God in your nostrils right now has 100% chance and opportunity to amend your ways and to repent.
Remember, it does not matter how bad you may have thought of yourself, Jesus' love is bigger and greater than that your bad records. Accept Him today as your personal Lord and Saviour, and your soul shall be deliver from hell fire. God bless you.