Monday, September 9, 2013

I Would Have Missed The Rapture If... - Evangelist Victor

By: Evangelist Victor
Monday, 9th September, 2013.

It happened on Monday, 26th August, 2013.
I was about to go out for morning cry (early morning preaching) by some minutes past 5am, so for certain reason known to me, I decided not to go. And so, I sat on the chair and crossed my legs on the center table then, I slept off.
While sleeping, my eyes were opened and I saw a certain man preaching. He was saying 'JESUS CHRIST is coming very soon', and the way he was saying it, it was as if JESUS CHRIST was coming that moment. I was so amazed because of the way this man was talking, even the people that were listening to him were also amazed too, as he was talking with a great zeal.
So after his sermon, he said 'let us pray', he began to pray saying "Oh LORD, I don't want to miss the rapture". He was saying it as if JESUS will come that moment. He said 'let's pray that when JESUS CHRIST will come, we will not miss the rapture'.
Before this revelation came, I have been having some thoughts in my heart to join Living Faith Church a.k.a WINNERS CHAPEL, because I overheard some people talking about how their pastors where enjoying, and how their members do favour them financially. So I said in my heart, let me join them so that I too can be favoured as well. I was having this notion because I believed with the gift and grace of CHRIST upon me, I can pull crowd, not knowing I was just canal and GOD knows my heart.
So, after that pastor finished praying, the rapture took place, and to my greatest surprise, I was not raptured. I was crying asking the LORD for mercy and as I was crying, I just felt a force coming under my legs and was lifting me up. As I was going up to heaven, I began to say thank you JESUS. Now, one man was running towards me to pull my legs down, but before he could reach me, I went up more higher and higher up.
Then, I heard a voice saying to me, 'IF YOU HAD JOINED WINNERS CHAPEL, YOU WOULD HAVE MISSED THE RAPTURE............. My brethren, GOD knows our hearts, let us not be after the things of this world.
Very soon, I am going to share with you what happened to me after I read the part three of brother Samsonjude's revelation of heaven, and how GOD confirmed me as one of His End Time armies. 1 Timothy 6:11-12.
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