Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pastors On Satan's Payroll

Pastors On Satan's Payroll
John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

A very sad and despicable scenarios are playing out these days as supposed pastors and other Christians have enlisted in the payroll of Satan. These Christians drawing their salary & emoluments, allowances, pension and gratuities from the coffers of the central bank of Satan with headquarters in the bottomless pit, are happy and very eager to making the devil have a field day in damning the souls of the watchless and prayerless Christians.

As these sets of Christians and pastors keep on working tirelessly for the devil through the misinterpretation of the Holy Bible, and engaging in hot arguments regarding true and holiness practice among believers which they often win, the devil on the other hand keep on patting them on the back saying "well done my faithful servant, I am very proud of you. Finish your assignment and quickly join me in hell hahahahaha"; and at the end, he will whisper to their dead conscience saying, "you were really a fool to have defended my instigation of worldliness, carelessness, craftiness and ungodliness in the churches, thinking that you were wise. Fooooooolllllllllllll! Hahahahaha".

Even as these pastors, churches and other Christians under the employment of Satan knows that 'nothing defiled' will be permitted into heaven Revelation 21:27, they however prefer to use their intellect, resources, time, pulpit, and all available opportunities to demonstrate their allegiance to their paymaster, the devil, as they always engaged in turning the Bible upside-down to please the devil and delights his followers, promising their converts, and devotees heaven on the platter of gold, despite living the opposite lifestyle of heaven's candidacy and requirement Hebrews 12:14. 

These beneficiaries of the spoils and largess as provided by Satan are now very busy; busy condemning other Christians and ministries exposing their wicked, ungodly, and sinful practices and lifestyle, which would have saved them from the damnation in hell fire. No, because their deeds are evil, they've made themselves the enemy of Light John 3:19-20. They often appear to be smart, intelligent and very versed with the Holy Bible, but their knowledge and interpretation of the Bible is carnal Romans 8:6-8. So, beware of them.

Meanwhile, whenever you meet or see a person arguing on the Word of God, not because he/she loves it but because it speaks against one or two things he/she is doing wrong, meet a person on the payroll of Satan. 

People arguing that women are permitted to wearing trousers are on the payroll of Satan. 

People that argues that using make up, attachment and other satanic things on their body are not sin and ungodliness are on the payroll of Satan.

People claiming that grace only is the requirements for entering heaven are on the payroll of Satan. 

People saying that the Old Testament of the Bible no longer applies today are on the payroll of Satan. 

People preaching that God is love and therefore that He cannot send any soul to hell fire, even though they are sinners who is worthy of death for being without the key (JESUS CHRIST) of entering heaven, meet people on the employment and payroll of Satan. 

People that preach saying God is only interested in your heart and not in your body are on the payroll of Satan. 

And so, all unrighteousness is sin 1 John 5:17, and whosoever commit sin is of the devil 1 John 3:8, and therefore, the wages of sin is DEATH Romans 6:23. 

Workers and ministers in the ministry of Satan, remember that you cannot work for Satan and expect to draw salary from God at the end of the month, it's not possible. You cannot advance the kingdom of Satan and expects that the golden gate of heaven will open unto you in your death, it is impossible. You can only draw your salary from your employer in the place of your employment, and since you are a registered staff in the organisation of Satan, drawing per second salary allowance from him, surely, hell fire is your reward as long as you remain in Satan's employment Matthew 25:41.

Remember, Jesus Christ came that you may have life in abundance out of the stealing, killing and destruction that Satan is visiting on your soul because you are his staff John 10:10.

Repent today and pray unto Jesus to have mercy on your soul. Rise up and pray now.