Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FRSC Emergency Phone Number 070022553772 Is Dead

Nigerians, pray that your enemy is NOT involved in a terrible accident that will left him/her to call the Federal Road Safety Commission emergency phone number, because he/she will be in for a long thing as the number 070022553772 is practically dead.

Today Tuesday, 18th November, 2014, a colleague of mine came to the office wanting me to assist her in getting to FRSC as she was having an issue she needed to find out from them relating to driver's license. I told her that I don't have any contact person in the commission but that we can check their web sites for their official contact information.
We therefore visited driver's licence site at https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org/index.php/ and behold, their emergency phone number was displayed at the top towards the middle, while the SMS line at the top right on their web site. I told my colleague that though we weren't in any emergency situation, we should call the number as we may be directed or helped regarding what she needed. And so, I dialed 070022553772 from my mobile phone by 2.00 pm.

After the IVR welcome machine and telling me to wait for an agent, at first, I was upset with the system within me; 'why do I have to wait for an agent when I called emergency line.' Anyway, I waited, and behold some soft music started playing to entertain me. 1 minute and 8 seconds after, the phone went off without any agent answering the call. I called the second time and through the same process, the phone went off again after 1 minute and 41 seconds. I then told my colleague, 'assuming I was actually in an emergency situation, is this how I would have been treated via a supposed dedicated emergency phone number?' Honestly, I am very disappointed with FRSC for their non-functioning emergency telephone number, even though the call was not even free in the first place.
Where do we go from here? If FRSC cannot maintain an active 24 hours emergency telephone number for rescue operations in times of road accidents and mishaps, who will?

May God help us in this country Nigeria.