Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beware of Impersonators - 08163351111 Is An Impostor And An Impersonator

Beware of Impersonators - 08163351111 Is An Impostor And An Impersonator

Good morning dear wonderful people of GOD,
I received a call this morning from a colleague in the office that I, Lugard Ekhator, called him, asking him to delete my old number that this is my new number (08163351111).
So when he asked the impersonator of his name, the fraudster asked him to guess and because he saw that the voice resembled my voice, he then said is that Lugard, and the impersonator said yes.

I then asked him to forward the number to me. So when I called the number, the same impersonator was asking me to guess who he was. I told him I don't guess people but he persisted that i should guess his name. However I insisted that he must tell me his name but he refused.

I then warned him to stop impersonating me. To my shock, he called me a 419 trying to dupe him.

Please, should you ever receive any call asking you to guess the caller, he/she is a 419 looking for victims to defraud. Just end the call right there and reject any call that may come again from the same number.

This number 08163351111 is a 419 number, a big time fraudster. Don't fall a victim for him please.

For the avoidance of doubt, my numbers have not change and should they change, I will never asked my contacts to delete the old number while telling them to guess my voice. GOD forbids.
My numbers 08051516844, 08069134574 and 08144845524 are very active and has not change.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Thank you all and GOD bless.