Sunday, May 12, 2013

What Example Do You Show As A Christian Woman?

Today, it is virtually impossible to separate a True Christian from a church goer in the area of dressing among our women. But, as Christians, the bible says we should be an example of believers 1Timothy 4:12.
The bible enjoins our women to dress in modest apparel 1Timothy 2:9 but, the reverse is the case today. This is even more worrisome among women who are founders of churches, general overseers wives, women pastors and the general church women leaders.
It is very true that we are in this world but certainly as Christians, we are not of this world even as Christ was not of this world John 17:16.
Now, if truly we are not of this world, why is our women of the Christian fold, copying, mastering, enjoying all the pleasures of the worldly people?
Look, I don't know how you are interpreting or have interpreted the bible to suite you and your mode of dressing as a Christian woman but, I must tell that, you are running against the word of God. 1John 2:15-17; Matthew 6:24; Romans 12:2; James 4:4.
Now, there is a saying that, you are addressed the way you dressed, and the way you dressed tells of your Address. Are Christians no longer the light and salt of the world? Matthew 5:13-14. Why then the bringing of the world into the church of God today?
I know that a lot of the so called Christian women are ready to devour anyone that preaches against their chosen way of worldly dressing using all manner of things to excuse themselves, especially using 'under grace' but, I must warn you that, you are playing with fire with your loosed and abominable way of dressing you have brought into the church today. Haggai 2:11-14

* If you are a lover and user of jewelries, you are carrying a strange god on your body Genesis 35: 4
* If you are the one painting your faces and fingers in red, black, blue, green, white colours, you are a Jezebel 2Kings 9:30; Jeremiah 4:30.
* Are you the one that loves and uses weavon, attachments, brazilian/indian hair, do away with them today 1Timothy 2:9. 
* If you are the one that shouts it doesn't matter by wearing trousers as a woman, you are an abomination to God Deuteronomy 22:5.
* If you are the one opening your hair why in the church and praying anywhere, you are surely dishonouring your head 1Corinthians 11:5, and also1 pushing away the Angels of God 1Corinthians 11:10.

Therefore, consider your ways today and see, if at Christ's return you will be at peace with confidence or ashamed 1John 2:28.
You still have a great opportunity to repent and amend your ways today, as you still have the breath of God in your nostrils. Remember, after death is judgment Hebrews 9:27.
Therefore, if you think what you are reading now is just a story, what if at death, they become true, how and what will you do then? Hebrews 3:15.
The rich man in hell earnestly desired that the true gospel be preached to his brothers through raising up Lazarus from the dead but, it was too late Luke 16:27-28.
I pray it shall not be too late for you today in Jesus name, Amen. God bless you.
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