Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aderinola Olusola - The Face Of A Nigerian Female 419ner

Aderinola Olusola - The Face Of A Nigerian Female 419ner

I am only doing this to warn the Nigerian general public to beware of 419 people, who appear innocent in their desperate bid to defraud innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians.

She had contacted me via Facebook Messenger on Saturday, 23rd May, 2015, requesting for 2GB MTN data subscription plan from me.

I asked her if she has been buying data from me previously and she said yes. So, she wanted me to credit her before paying me through VTU transfer. I agreed because she happened to be my Facebook friend at the time, though I don't really know her neither can I tell if she had actually purchased data from previously.

So, after crediting her with 1GB for a number she provided, I asked her to pay me first before I will proceed with the second one, and she decided to back out.

She immediately blocked me on Facebook so that I can't trace her again but I was smart to have screenshot her Facebook account, which I then used to download her pictures here.

When I decided to start calling her number I credited with 1GB, she chose to ignor me by refusing to pick my calls.

Therefore, if you are a data reseller like myself, please be very careful as a result of fraudulent people out there who are on a mission to cause others pains.

I was able to gain access into her Facebook account through my wife's account because she has since blocked me.

Ola, your supposed sharpness is your undoing. Face anything you will ever receive as a result of this post.

I have no apology!

Here is her details as seen on her Facebook account.
Name: Aderinola Olusola
Work at: Unilever PLC
Studied at: Delta State University, Abraka
Live in: Lagos
From: Otan Aiyegbaju, Oyo State.


1. 08168000099 (The one I credited with 1GB on Saturday, 23rd May, 2015.)

2. 08036364771 (The second number she wanted me to credit with another 1GB)

Her Facebook account can be found here