Sunday, September 9, 2012

If Only MyTv Can Get It’s Acts Right

If Only MyTv Africa Can Get It’s Acts Right
Pay television today is a booming business in Nigeria going by the high rate of subscribers to the different satellite television providers around us today.
Although internet television networks now available these days and being embrace by a lot of users but, the use and spread of cable television services cannot be over emphasized. It connects hundreds and thousands of homes across the length and breadth of Nigeria to the outside world.
In Nigeria, there are some cable television companies doing businesses here. The likes of Dstv, MyTv, Hitv, StarTime, AIT, Galaxy, Infinity, CTL etc. All of them offering one package or the other in their pay television services, including some free to air (FTA) channels. Some of these television networks have 'exclusive rights' to offer some programs on their bouquet particularly live sports channels, which usually attracts people to their networks.
Therefore, though not long as a subscriber to pay tv on MyTv network, but, I see a great potential of this television network in occupying larger space among television subscribers in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that, even individuals that cannot afford pay tv have satellite television today in their homes due largely to the FTA channels available on the MyTv network.
With their satellite dish facing Intelsat 7/10 on Orbital Position 68.5° East on band KU, this makes the identification of MyTv satellite dish easily differentiated from the rest. This is so as a result of the sharp vertical position which MyTv satellite dish is usually fitted.
Even though most people using MyTv (Strong) decoders do not subscribe to their N1,900 monthly bouquet, but, using the Strong decoders even on Joy Tv Ghana, Nilesat FTA channels or just the FTA channels on MyTv, this also give them an edge in the distribution of satellite television decoders in Nigeria.
Now, beginning from the compound I resides in North-East Nigeria, out of the four satellites dishes that is mounted, three are MyTv while only one is Dstv. This scenario is visible and noticeable across most Northern states in Nigeria.
Therefore, my traveling to North-Central Nigeria and returning through South-East Nigeria, gave me the impression that, MyTv services is widely accepted across the land. Just like the situation in my compound, I saw the same thing in Okene, Kogi State, where I visited. Some houses having seven satellites dishes mounted, four will be MyTv and the remaining three shared among the rest. Places that have three installed dishes, two will be MyTv and one for other television network.
Coming back to the Northern state through Onitsha, Anambra State, it was the same phenomenon.
Therefore, should MyTv who currently offer a single service of 20 channels at N1,900 monthly charges to her teeming subscribers without any live sport channel, should get it's acts right, by offering rich content channels including live sport channels, especially for EPL and UCL, they will certainly dominate the satellite television space particularly with their current move in migrating their services to MPEG-4.
MyTv, despite your limited channels on your network as it stands today, put your house in order and improve on your service delivery then, you will begin to experience new streams of wealth as new and more customers will be trooping in to connect to your network.