Friday, July 15, 2016

Islamic Extremism: A Slap On The Religion Of PEACE

Islamic Extremism: A Slap On The Religion Of PEACE

Islam is a religion that pride itself as 'a religion of peace', thereby coating the fact that radicalism and extremism abounds amongst its practitioners, in order to effectively buy the conscience of the opposing faith to accept them because they are termed 'peace loving'.

Please, don't see me here that I am castigating the Islamic faith, no. But to point out the complicity of the leaders in this religion to some extent of aiding and abetting radicalism, extremism and terrorism being practiced by its adherence.

All over the world, every brutal, terrorists and religious attacks is 95 percent tied to the Islamic faith practitioners. From Osama Bin Laden Al-Qadae network, ISIS, Al-Shabaab, to Boko Haram and other pockets of terrorists groups around the world, they ALL subscribed to the Islamic faith. Although there are different segments of belief in Islam as I was made to know, but the near silence and none condemnation being voiced by their leaders to any attack perpetrated by the wicked and devilish force among them calls for concern.

So, if Islam is truly a religion of peace as they always say, let the good practitioners of Islam who believes in peaceful coexistence and the different people around the world be at the forefront not only in condemning the barbaric acts of the extremes among them, but to also be in the front line in leading the security operatives to arrest and exposing the bad eggs among them. Unless and until this is seen from the leadership circle in Islam, their supposed peaceful perception would continue to be at stake.

Therefore, whether it is the killing of the Christian woman preacher in Abuja, the killing of a pastor's wife and a mechanic in Kano, the fulani herdsmen attacks on Benue and Enugu, the Boko Haram massacre of people in the North-east, the just recorded massacre in France, or any other genocide being perpetrated by the Islamic extremists, let the leadership of Islam arise and condemn these evils and wickedness by their followership.

In view of the atrocities daily committed by the Islamic extremists around the world, this recitation therefore aptly fits into the Islamic enclave: All Muslims are NOT terrorists, but ALL TERRORISTS are Muslims.

May the Almighty GOD remove peace from those that abhors peace by their actions and activities in JESUS name. Amen.

God be with us.