Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be A Responsible Data User, Avoid Cheats And Tweaks


Often times due to the insatiable desire of human beings, we usually look out for avenues to satisfy our appetite or meet our demands desperately even if it means going into dubious and shady adventures provided our needs are met. We equally don’t care whether we infringe, trample, tampered or stepped on other peoples’ idea and copywrited materials to achieving our desperate desires, we often see those illegal ventures and avenues as loopholes to pay back on those who in one way or the other we consider ripping us off unjustly, without minding the stress these people, institutions, enterprises and firms underwent before coming out bright in the provision of their services.

Now due to the lack of responsible attitudes of most of our youths today particularly as it relates to internet subscription and data usage in Nigeria, coupled with the high cost to maintaining data enabled devices especially devices powered by Google’s Android operating system, Apple’s iOS, Windows OS and the new BB10 OS, including USB Modems and other data machines and devices, our youths have now resorted to either tweaking the imei of their devices, or create cheats and work on loopholes as may be discovered on the various telecoms platform to use a service that was not designed for their devices. Irrespective on which angle we may want to argue this point, it is a criminal act and I call on everyone involved in such criminality to please stop doing it right away. You may never be caught in the eyes of the law, but should your conscience be alive as a human being, you quite know that what you are doing is wrong and obviously it is a crime.

In Nigeria today, we all usually screamed to the rooftops shouting ‘government is corrupt’ ‘government is corrupt’, whereas we as an individual are more corrupt than the government officials we are screaming at. To control, stop and tame corruption and corrupt practices in Nigeria, every one of us must see ourselves as stake holders in the fight and struggle to eliminate corruption in our midst. We must start to be involved in responsible ventures worthy of emulation so that we don’t continue in sowing bad seeds in our young ones and expect to achieve a corruption-free Nigeria in the near future.

The various internet and data service providers in Nigeria are offering their services in commensurate measures as set by the regulatory agency (NCC), and coupled with the prevailing circumstances, unfriendly and harsh business environment in Nigeria, these operators one way or the offer their services rather on the high side, putting into consideration what it takes to provide such a service to an individual or entity. Although I am not supporting the high tariff offered Nigerians on the internet platforms, but I am sure their hands are tied in this regard.

For example, a competent source confides in me sometimes ago that the regulatory agency NCC, threatened to sanction Glo Mobile Nigeria, for offering a 350MB data volume at N1,000 to their HSI data subscribers should they fail to review it downward. And true to the information as was passed to me, Glo Mobile today has reviewed that data subscription plan, as they now offer 300MB data volume for N1,000 as against the initial 350MB that was available earlier. NCC, rather than our various data service providers are to be held responsible for the high cost of internet services in Nigeria. Our aggression should be directed at them and not at our service providers because they work under regulations set by the NCC.

From the foregoing therefore, instead of you buying a device which is data hungry,expensive to maintain and amounting to heavy data drainage on use, which invariably may cause you to be tempted by venturing into irresponsible acts and breaking normal operating system to use illegally to achieving your aims and desire, why not go for OS devices that have been designed and customised for cheap data consumption and services in meeting your crave for unending high data demands? Here, the older Blackberry OS comes to play. You are involved in tweaking your imei in order to use the normal Blackberry internet services on your Android OS. Why not rather buy any Blackberry OS lower than BB10 and use the cheaper subscription meant for such services? To be responsible means to use platforms as it is meant to be used.

Moreover, there are cheaper Android, iOS, Windows and other services data subscription available today on the various mobile networks in Nigeria, all thanks to SME data subscription offered by third parties who usually buy data in bulk from the various service providers, and yours truly is one of them selling a legal third party data subscriptions to Nigerians. You can ring me on 08144845524 for your subscription 24/7. I will therefore encourage you to start patronizing these third party data resellers which is a laudable venture, than engaging in tweaks, cheats and tricks in using a legal service illegally. Youths of today, stop being irresponsible, and casts off the acts of irresponsibility from you.

Remember, whatever thing you do to cheat on others, it has eternal consequences whether you believe it or not. So stop! Be responsible today!

GOD bless you all.