Tuesday, October 7, 2014

T.B Joshua Building Collapse: The Unconsidered Truth

T.B Joshua Building Collapse: The Unconsidered Truth

1 Corinthians 4:5 "Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God."

It is no longer news that the guest house of Prophet T.B Joshua’s church collapsed and killed scores of people sometime ago, who were housed as guest visitors to his Synagogue church of All Nations. It is also no longer news that T.B Joshua blamed the disaster on a plane that hovered around the area for some times before the eventual collapsed of the building. Apart from T.B Joshua’s claims that he was the prime target of the disaster by the said plane, the South African government who lost a sizeable number of their citizens to this disaster had also bought into this strange excuses being played by the controversial T.B Joshua.
In the same vein, the Lagos State government that earlier claimed that T.B Joshua has no approval for the additional floors that were mounted on the collapsed building, they’ve since left the matter to die a natural death without commencing any concrete investigation to unravel what actually happened. As for the dead who were the immediate victims of this disaster, well, GOD give, and GOD take, one would exclaim, leaving the bereaved family and the injured a permanent scare that only death would erase out of their memory, which if they had ever have some premonition, they would have avoided that guest house at least for that day.

As the controversial collapsed building story of T.B Joshua guest house continued shortly after the incidence, a Nigerian Journalist who was among those that interviewed T.B Joshua to state his own side of the story went public to present an audio recording, which tactfully suggested that T.B Joshua had a desire to cover up the true story, by offering the amiable news crew some monetary incentives to pacify their efforts to reporting the news in a better manner, so as to free himself from any suspicious character. However, this journalist felt embarrassed and refused the 'good gesture' of the prophet and he summarily termed it a bribe, which actually it was.

As soon as this fire was kindled, this amiable journalist became the targets of ridicule, blackmailed, verbal attacks, name calling and vilified even by his fellow associates in the media platform. Not ready to die in silence, he came out to put the record straight concerning the audio tape he had earlier posted online regarding the intricacies surrounding the collapsed T.B Joshua’s guest house that killed a lot of people and injured others, and affirmed that T.B Joshua actually bribed them in order to cover up the story. Truth is bitter but yet, it remains the ONLY VIRTUE that can truly make one free John 8:32.
Meanwhile, as Nigerians and people all over the world sympathized with T.B Joshua over the disaster that visited his guest house killing innocent visitors to his church, none had ever considered the spiritual implication of this disaster. Although T.B Joshua had already told the people what he wanted them to believe as far as this matter is concerned, but what if T.B Joshua actually sacrificed these innocent souls so as to regain more power, fame and acceptance in the public cycle? To the ordinary man, this was an accident, but to the spiritual man, it is far more than just an accident.

In this era of pastors and people using diabolical means in church opening and miracle performances, a lot of evil and wicked things are running on the background in the churches of these pastors but hidden to the ordinary physical eye. These hidden things in the enclave of evil men are always unravel through spiritual mysteries, as GOD may desire.
As the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Lives, who seeth in secret and understand the heart of men, He will surely expose the hidden things surrounding the T.B Joshua guest house collapse, so that the people that are held captive under their bondage due to the blindness of their eyes with perceived miracles, signs and wonders will be set free in JESUS name. Therefore, if you don’t hear it today, you will certainly hear it tomorrow through divine inspiration that T.B Joshua may have sacrificed those dead people for more power.

It is my prayer that GOD will continue to deliver us from wolves in sheep clothing today in JESUS name. Amen.
May GOD expose all evil and wicked pastors in our midst in JESUS name. Amen.