Monday, September 1, 2014

Truth You Must Accept 1: Nigerian Christians And Politics

Truth You Must Accept 1: Nigerian Christians And Politics

As the general elections of 2015 gathers momentum in the Nigerian political space, a lot of alignment and realignment is been played around by the political elites, on how to win their political party primary nominations, campaigning vigorously on how to do and undo one another. This is seen and noticed across the land as one politician changes political affiliations with another at will by decampment, just to ensure that their interest is well served in any capacity they desire to participate in the forth coming elections.
However, as intense as the scramble for one political office or the other intensifies in the land, the Christian community as always has left the stage for the ungodly, hypocrites and pretenders in Christianity to occupy, manipulate and destroy the sanctity that should be the bedrock of such a political office. This the Christian community does with their deadly and dangerous slogan that says ‘politics is dirty’ and therefore no right thinking Christian should play. But when the Christian pretenders who maneuver their ways into these political offices finally poured hot pepper in their eyes, they are the ones that will start crying ‘crucify him’ ‘crucify him’ with lots of unprintable sentences referring to the office of the president, governors, senators, representatives, local government chairmen etc.

Christians, why are you crying in the face of the political masquerades and suicides pervading the regimes and tenures of these pretending Christians in our political space today? Aren’t you that say politics was a dirty game? Since pigs and dogs that are known for their dirtiness even to the eating of faeces and other rejected elements and substances are now your representatives occupying all the political offices in the land, how do you expect good things, development, transformation, prosperity and especially the fear of GOD to be the outcome of their political occupation? Hellooooo!
Politics is not dirty at all but it become dirty when you left it in the hands of ‘dirty men and women’ to execute and promote. The Bible says “But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another” Psalms 75:7, which means the occupation of political office by men today has the finger of GOD in it, whether the man occupying such a position is Christian or a Muslim. If that be the case, why are Christians running away from playing politics? Why are we Christians leaving the political space for pretending Christians and buccaneers to occupy?

True Christians, HOLY SPIRIT filled and GOD fearing individuals occupied political offices in the government of corrupt men and pure idol worshippers in Bible days, and they never disappointed GOD despite being surrounded by ungodly environment. Instead, they became the mouth piece of GOD to the government they were serving, ordering the political direction of the government, and GOD became known to their ungodly kings and presidents through them. Joseph, Genesis chapters 41 – 50. Daniel, Daniel chapters 1, 2, 4, 5. The three Hebrew men, Daniel 3, Modacai, Esther 6:1-12 etc. David was a political king and yet served GOD faithfully.
In Nigeria, the Christians are nowhere to be found in the various political parties and yet they want to see Nigeria becoming like Britain overnight. How can this be when those in the office of president, governors, senators, local government chairmen, house of assembly, House of Representatives, chairmen of political parties, ministers, commissioners etc are the representatives of unrighteousness? The Bible says if the blind leads the blind, both of them will fall into the ditch. Luke 6:39 “And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind (unbelievers and pretending Christians) lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?”

Nigerian Christians, why will there not be Boko Haram terrorizing the whole nation and holding her in the jugular with their weapons of mass destruction unresisted and unrestricted, when you mistaken men that merely carries the Bible to be Christians and you installed them as president, governors, chairmen etc? The Nigerian Christians termed any man bearing a Christian name, being a member of a particular church and coming from a community supposedly of Christians to be a Christian. Until you get the true meaning of which a Christian is in the face of the whole earth, pretenders in Christendom will continue to be your leaders.
 Therefore, irrespective of the sermon and the brainwashing of the pretending pastors as the matter of occupying any political office in Nigeria is concerned, I, Lugard Osakpamwan Ekhator, will continue to carry out my voting preference according to my godly conscience, and as long as Nigeria remains a secular state despite what the Christian community paints it in their circles, I will vote for both Muslims and pretending Christians according to my conscience because in the first place, they (supposed Christians and the Muslims) are the same (they don’t know GOD Jehovah). This is my political stand and it shall remain so as long as Nigeria remains one united entity.

If you claim that the Christians occupying some of the political offices in Nigeria today are ‘true Christians’ then be ready to provide with answers to these questions.
Why are the Christian politicians buying rice for you in order to vote them during their campaigns? Why are they sharing N1,000 to bribe you in order for you to cast your vote for them? Why are they making all forms of occultic sacrifices to win their primary elections and the main election if they scale through the primary?
Why are they depending on their political god-father if truly they are Christians before winning their elections? Why should they involve in rigging, box stuffing and stealing of electoral materials to gather undue favour for themselves and their political party? Why must the election be a ‘do or die’ affairs, a ‘must win’ affair among them? And the whys goes on and on.

For the Christian community to be crying of marginalization, neglect and weakening the Christendom by the Muslims in the Nigerian political space is absurd. Where are the true Christians in all the political parties in Nigeria today? How many of us are card carrying members of any political party myself inclusive, and yet we want godliness, righteousness, truth and equity to be the outcome of the government of the day. How possible?
Apart from Chris Okotie, who himself is a pretending Christian too that had showed up in the political circle to confront the powers that be in contesting in previous elections as a presidential candidate, and Tunde Bake, who ran for the office of vice president to Muhammadu Buhari in the last elections, which other high profile Christian or church leader did you see contested elections in the national level?
And this brings me to ask this question.
Which political party does E.A. Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Lazarus Mouka, W.F. Kumuyi, Ayo Oritshjafor, T.B. Joshua, Paul Eneche, Umar Ukpai, Daniel Olukoya, Chris Oyakhilome, Matthew Ashomolowo, and all the influential pastors in Nigeria today belonged? Righteousness the Bible says exalts a nation and that sin is a REPROACH to any people Proverbs 14:34. What do we have in Nigeria today?
How can righteousness therefore become the portion of the government of Nigeria when supposed righteous men who are to be seen as the agent of change for the prosperity of Nigeria left the scene for pretenders and masquerades to occupy? May the LORD open our eyes to the bitter truth we are hiding from in JESUS name. Amen.

Nigeria will be better off today if true Christians registers as politicians, contest for political offices, vote and be voted for. But who will take the lead?

O LORD GOD, into your hands I commit Nigeria my dear country.
Happy New September, 2014.