Monday, March 18, 2013

The Unknown God Ministry Benin City

The Unknown God Ministry (Church), Benin City, Edo State

 The Southern part of Nigeria is known for their high religious practice, particularly the Christian faith, which has seen the influx of religious practitioners hiring and buying up available spaces for their religious activities. It is a common sight in the South, particularly Benin City in Edo State, to see churches and ministries set up in the name of God, outdoing one another, in a state that can best be describe as 'pure human competition'. In one house (building), you can count as much as three (3) churches, not to talk of the countless churches with different believe and doctrines adorning various streets lanes.

It is a common knowledge in the South also that, as a result of the lucrativeness of church businesses, the hitherto native/witch doctors have transformed into overnight presidents and founders of most of these new generation churches. The Southerners being too miracle seeker can go to any length to seek for solutions to their perceived problems, thereby visiting these pastors and GOs, who were neither called nor anointed into church ministry. A lot of people have on the process compounds their problems, while allowing these mogs attended to them, who in turn transfers their wicked powers into these solution seekers. Be careful therefore of where you visit as a church.

Now, as a result of the wide discrepancies and discrimination among the Christian faith which I fortunately belong, it has therefore created hatred and disunity among fellow Christian practitioners, which today is the major setback in uniting the nation Nigeria. If the church that preaches Christ love can be so divided, how can the different ethnic and religious nationals unite under one umbrella of peace and tranquility, which is highly needed for Nigeria's development today? Until and unless the church is united, there will never be a united Nigeria.

On this note, I welcome you all to the ‘Unknown God Ministry (Church)’, situated along Okabere Road, after Power Line, Off Upper Sakponba Road, By Oka Market, Oka Quarters, Ikpoba - Okha LGA, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

At first, it was like a puzzle to me but, I was facing reality in broad day light in this 21st Century. What quickly ran through my mind at that moment was the experience of Apostle Paul in Athens. It is therefore amazing to note that, in this age of sophisticated technology, a lot of people (Christians) are still being deceived. In Philippines 3:10, Paul said, 'That I may know him'. How then on earth will a church today choose the name 'The Unknown God Ministry'?

In the City of Athens, Paul called the people who had the inscription 'TO THE UNKNOWN GOD' ignorant worshipers Acts 17:23. I can as well confidently declare that, the pastor and members of this 'The Unknown God Ministry' are very much more ignorant of their professed Christian faith.

While Jesus was admonishing his disciples, he declared in John 6:45 'And they shall be all taught of God'. Can a God that is not known teach?

Again, the Almighty God warned us through David in Psalms 81:9 'There shall no strange god (Unknown God) be in thee; neither shall thou worship any strange god (Unknown God)'. I therefore call on the entire members of this affected church, to as a matter of urgency make a u-turn to seek and serve the KNOWN GOD through Jesus Christ.

Our forefathers who were idols worshipers in their time, never served any 'Unknown god (idol)', why will a church who is suppose to be the light of the world declared that, they are serving an 'Unknown God'?

Will you therefore worship in a church where their God is unknown or you will worship in church where their God is known? The choice is certainly yours.
However, I give God all the glory today because, I know him. He is my all in all.
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