Sunday, October 21, 2012

Money For Job: Taming The Monster Amongst Us!

Money for job: Taming the monster amongst us!
Nigerians, it is no longer news that, when you as an applicant are seeking for a job, especially in the government circles, you are always traumatized as a result of the fact that, the few available jobs are reserved for the highest bidder.
These wicked practices by government officials have been going on in Nigeria for ages pasts yet, the agencies that are mandated to effect a corrupt free Nigeria are feigning ignorant of these silly practices. It is no surprise that, in Nigeria, the more graduates are graduates are produced each year, the more non available jobs are seen.
Now, in a normal situation, as graduates are being produced, so we have retirees being produced with equal proportion, bridging the vacuum created by the retiring government officials but, in Nigeria, we only get to see and hear of new sets of graduates each year, without any available jobs for them. Where is our retiring government officials’ year in year out?
In getting this monster arrested, we as concern citizens of Nigeria must ensure that, we are ready to expose whoever is involved and being used as fronts for the thieving elites. Be ready to make a difference in every singular situation you find yourself. I do agree that, as a result of the non availability of ready jobs, individual job seekers will be tempted to do anything to secure a job, especially those that appears to be very lucrative. Should every one of us continue to feign ignorance, how then will corruption, especially government official corruption ends in Nigeria? We all must be ready to make a difference.
Therefore, as a job seeker, show these demons that you are ready to play balls in meeting every of their single demand as it relates to you paying them some certain amount before you are even given the opportunity to apply for the jobs but, make it a duty to show them that, you want every deal with official commitments, which will includes you asking for their real names, positions, photograph etc. You are only doing this to expose the perpetrators of this evil in the public sector.
This issue of money for jobs is an age long practices in the public sector in Nigeria. Therefore, should any government official feign ignorant of this ignoble phenomenon, he/she is only deceiving him/her self. Due to the fact that, everybody sees these evils as normal, the clique have equally taken over pension offices, making new pensioners to go through hell, before their files will ever get to the appropriate quarters for signing.
In a recent parley with the youths in Abuja for the Nigeria 52nd Independence celebrations, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Student Matters, Mr. Jude Imagwe, appeared shocked when told about the ordeals Nigerian youths were undergoing in the hands of fraudsters in seeking for job. Although he promised to report it directly to President Goodluck Jonathan, but, I am sure he was just buying time. I am too sure that, the matter was buried immediately he left the venue of the parley. This act according to the youths leaders who attended the parley were particular about the paramilitary agencies that are involved in the mess. They usually collects huge sum of money from job seekers which ranges between N200,000 to N1,000,000.
It was highlighted during the parley that, Immigration Service usually collect bribe of N500,000 from those who want to be enlisted in the service. The Nigerian Customs Service goes for N500,000, the Nigerian Prisons Service goes for N300,000 while the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps goes for  N300, 000. These are beside other corrupt practice which do take place in the medical arena, as job seekers are made to pay between N200,000 and N700,000 to get a nursing job. Surprised that corruption has become official in Nigeria today? Mr. Jude Imagwe, have you really reported this case president Goodluck Jonathan, as you promised? See the whole news at
It was equally reported in an online media some few weeks ago, how one Mr. Akeem Tiamiyu, an officer of the rank of ASC 1, head of NSCDC anti-corruption unit, who equally doubles as an adviser to the Commandant General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, Dr. Ade Abolurin, was caught at a hotel in Gwagwalada, a suburb of Abuja, “sharing” letters of employment to prospective new employees, who were expected to pay the sum of N300,000 each to collect their letters. The incident, according to, happened on the 27th of September 2012, at about 2.00Pm, at Atlas Hotel in Gwagwalada, where the head of the anti corruption unit of the corps was busy “trading” with 2000 appointment letters in his possession. Insiders said the arrest of the head of the supposed anti-graft chief has raised eye brows within the corps because the letters were actually signed by the commandant General Dr. Abolurin. The question now, was the CG’s signature forged? Insiders claimed the signatures were real .But how did it happen? Check for the full report.
Now, if a supposed anti-graft officer in the NSCDC can go this far, in monetizing employment with corrupt tendencies, who then can fight this monster called corruption? We all must make it a point of duty to expose every corrupt practice around us, in order to tame this monster. It must be noted that, even the private sector is not left out of the corruption mess. Some members of staff in private organization do make preference for people who are ready to play ball (bribe), in order to award one form of contract or the other for them.
It is no longer news that, our government celebrates criminality, whereby a thief is given a presidential welcome from prisons. As a result of the closeness of the Oil Subsidy thieves to the corridors of power, no one, I mean no one has ever been prosecuted neither will they ever do so. This is why fighting corruption in Nigeria appear difficult. The ICPC and EFCC are just there doing their own thing while the essence of their formation is suffering. The list of those that have fall victims to these criminal acts goes on and on. Where will justice come from? Nigeria, which way from here?